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Product Description

Are you interested in creating a Listings websites (Directory, classifieds, realestate, business, etc)? Maybe you simply want to give a searchable address to your wordpress posts. Well welcome to BePro Listings, the most feature rich directory plugin available for wordpress. With over 18 addons, you can customize this plugin to list various types of media like, documentsvideos, images, audio and more. Integrate what you need, where you need it, within your existing setup, using this wordpress plugin.


Media Add Ons

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Interaction Add Ons

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Other Integrations

Popular Uses

BePro Listings allows you and your customers to upload and list anything. The major difference with BePro Listings, is that it then helps to to search and showcase this information in various formats including multiple listing templates and google maps. With better control over wordpress core features and lots of addons, this is the perfect foundation for your next Directory website.

This plugin is great for developers looking to integrate its features into a custom design. Novice users should consider our $1 wordpress themes which are designed to work with BePro Listings.

Configuration options include integration with core wordpress features, as well as new aspects like, # of uploads, default search distance, and page details. With our buddypress integration and standalone profile options, you can allow your members to control their own submissions (add/edit/delete). Look at some of the ways people are using the plugin::

  • Paid Listings – Use either our S2member or Paid membership pro plugins to charge users for posting on your website
  • Store Finder - List your stores including, location and contact details
  • Directory - Employee, Business, Job Search, Fleet Tracking, Job Board, or any other type of listings site
  • Classifieds & Listings - List anything or alow your users to list anything
  • Products & Services - List them yourself or allow your members to list products and/or services
  • Informational - Tourism, points of interest, and other details best shown via map
  • User Contributions - Using the submission form shortcode, let users contribute blog posts for you to review and publish


This will help you to make your listing site stand out and be unique. All listing sites have very similar features. This plugin gives you all of the functionality you need. Pick the addons that are important for the type of Directory you are creating. This leaves you with the job of styling the functionality for your needs.

  • No other directory can offer you a Visual Form Builder as powerful as ours. Existing Form Builders cannot offer a Directory experience as feature rich. This is a very unique solution that you wont find elsewhere and simplifies the process of building unique submission forms.
  • We feature HTML file viewers and players for various media files. We also manage some linked content like youtube videos
  • Modular design with multiple addons. They all work together allowing you to create a unique listings experience and build any type of directory.



Its finally here, a plugin that will help you to make that perfect listing site. Don’t be restricted by someone else telling you how your listing site should look and work. Here you have a FREE solution that does most of the work for you. If you require more features, consider our advanced paid plugin below. Start your next Listings site project with this plugin. Read more about the plugin here on this BePro Listings Details Page

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3 reviews for Bepro Listings

  1. 5 out of 5


    This plugin is the best free listings plugin i found until now and i´ve tried a few. Even the support is really great. Friendly, capable and very fast. My best compliments! Also to the provided addons like “BePro Listings Icons” i use right now. :-)

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is the best Directory plugin I have found. I use it on all of my directory projects. Its easy to use, has lots of free options and great documentation. I definitely recommend using it.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Great addons, especially the new Form Builder. Very well developed and it came with useful new documentation, especially the videos are very useful.
    BePro Software Team has been very helpful as well as their support team is excellent. I will recommend this plugin.

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