BePro Listings S2Member

$25.00 / year

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With BePro Listings S2Member, you can charge users for using your listings site. You can also charge them for access to specific categories (Featured Listings). This addon for BePro Listings integrates into the popular 100% Free s2member plugin by relating membership levels to listing features!

Requirements :

  • BePro Listings 2.1.04 or later

This plugin adds :

  • Paid Listings from membership levels
  • Limit options like # of listings and # of images
  • Exclude or require categories when user submits or edits listings, depending on user level
  • User notices and redirection where needed to inform about membership limitations
  • Ability to relate each s2member membership level to a range of BePro Listings features
  • Some addons like BePro Listings Videos, have configurable options for each membership level


If your goal is making money from wordpress listings, then this is the perfect solution. S2Member is arguably one of the most powerful membership plugins available for the wordpress platform. It allows you to setup various membership levels and charge monthly, yearly, or some other custom period. This plugin has a lot of configurable membership and payment options.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we allow you to use this 100% FREE plugin to power the membership features of your website. The magic starts when you correspond BePro Listings features to S2Member membership levels. Everything is dynamic, so no matter how many membership levels you have with S2Member, BePro Listings S2Member will allow you to configure options for them.


If you like our base plugin BePro Listings and want to monetize your audience, then this is the plugin for you. It allows you to setup features depending on membership level. In a scenario where you want to limit features like, number of listingsnumber of images or access to premium categories to a certain set of users, this plugin will help you do that.


As with all of our plugins, this one is in our development rotation. We are working hard on new features for this plugin!

Date: BePro Listings S2Member was last modified: November 19th, 2020 by BePro Software Team Management at


1.0.1 – Mar 3rd 2014

  • New Category Integration – integrate with BePro Listings new feature for excluding or requiring categories.

1.0.0 – Dec 1st 2013

  • Stable – ability to configure #images and #listings per user level

Date: BePro Listings S2Member was last modified: November 19th, 2020 by BePro Software Team Management at


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