Woocommerce Store

$5,000.00 / year and a $10,000.00 sign-up fee


BeProSoftware.com is built using WooCommerce. We would be happy to create an e-commerce store for you using WooCommerce, including customization to meet your specific e-commerce needs. This e-commerce solution is based on the WordPress content management system and is supported by a range of extensions to meet client needs.


Within 48HRS, we will contact you to confirm your existing:

  • Your domain and server setup (If you do not have one, we can help you to register one)
  • Logo (If you don’t have one, we will provide 3 options)
  • Brand (If you don’t have one, we will create one for you)
  • Existing Products (if you have any)
  • Currency
  • Shipping area
  • Customer Taxation (up to 10 distinct regions)

We will then deliver the following to you

  • Website using premium WordPress theme
  • Pages required for commerce e.g. terms, privacy, about, contact
  • 5 products configured (Up to 3 custom attributes)
  • Connection with PayPal and/or Stripe
  • Your logo and branding
  • 5 SEO-optimized blog articles about your products
  • 3 months of basic support in case there are any issues while you get setup
  • Newsletter configuration with Mailchimp
  • 1 Hr consultation / Yr

On a yearly basis, you are charged for the following


This is a base setup ideal for most people interested in running an online store. If your needs exceed this feature (e.g. recurring payments), contact us today for a quote. We are happy to deliver a custom solution that meets your exact specifications. Reach out to our support team today

Note: Basic support only includes issues with the originally delivered product, so you can take your time testing it and making sure it works exactly as expected. However, if interested in ongoing development support for customizing your solution, we can definitely provide that also. Contact our support team today with your project.

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