That’s right, you can be a part of the BePro Software Team. This network of curated Canadian technical experts is always looking for new partners. Joining is as simple as completing a few technical tests and verifications.

Once successfully completed, you get an opportunity to receive work that’s brought to You are also able to use your position as part of the BePro Software Team to attract work and increase your current business. This is a great way to, become your own boss, grow your resume and/or increase your exposure. Contact us today if you are interested in more information. Keep in mind that we have a Partnership Program which may fit your goals.


The perks are obvious. Join an established network with, customers, software and the infrastructure to support you. Β This is not a freelancer website your, geography (Canada), experience, and talent are rewarded. We make it super easy to concentrate on what you do best, working with customers. We attract them for you. However, for those that are still skeptical, consider the following

  • Great Training resource
  • Discounts on products and Services from
  • Potential to work on the BePro Software Suite
  • “passive” income πŸ™‚
  • Continue your 9-5 or existing business and do this on the side
  • Opportunity to work on various types of projects and products
  • Establish a work history that can be shown to an employer
  • Exportable project summary, demonstrating your work with us (COMING SOON)
  • Launch your product under the BePro Software brand for instant visibility


The BePro Software Team is a network of curated individuals. We hire for specific roles, because we use and manage them today, for our BePro Software Suite of products. English fluency is a requirement for all positions, and you must be subscribed to our yearly Team membership option. We are looking for the following skill sets.

  • Project Managers

    This is a key position required for most projects. The project manager coordinates time and resources for the duration of the project. The manager is also required to rate the participation of all team members on the project.

    At the completion of training and testing, you will be able to demonstrate the competence of an individual with a minimum of 2 years of work experience.

  • Jr Developer

    This is a great way for college students and those new to the work world to get their feet wet. Typical tasks include installation, configuration, and troubleshooting software.

    Companies want you to have years of experience and this is where you get it. The java you learn’t in university may not be used here, but the fundamentals you learnt are very important to us. At the end of this training and testing, you will be able to perform like an individual with at least 1yr of experience.

  • Sr Developer

    This is a great way to sure up your existing income as a contractor or freelancer. Maybe you have an existing day job and would like to do fun projects on the side.

    Typical tasks include contributing to product and website creation. At the completion of training and testing, this individual will perform like an individual with a minimum of 3 years wordpress specific experience.

  • Support

    Support needs to be more than a script. Our support representatives need to understand wordpress and the products they are supporting. This position is the front-line support for plugin and theme makers.

    Having prior technical support (hardware/software) experience would be an asset. At the completion of training and testing, this individual will perform like an individual with a minimum of 1 years support experience.


You don’t just jump in, and start working. If you need quick money, there are popular freelancer sites available online. Here, you will be required to pass tests to demonstrate your competence. Don’t worry, we provide the training material to get you on the right path and support your success. In fact, this is typically how the process goes

  • You apply via purchasing the yearly team subscription membership which applies
  • Initial phone interview scheduled
  • Video interview scheduled
  • Contractor agreement and NDA signed
  • Training scheduled
  • Testing administered
  • Once tests are passed, you are certified, listed on our website and allowed to market yourself as part of the BePro Software Team

It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to get someone started, even if you are a great developer. You need to confirm your understanding of our policies, practices, and methods. You must also demonstrate the ability to work within our team atmosphere.


Do you really want to work for nothing and compete for work on freelancer websites? Our BePro Software Suite of products demonstrates that we know how to manage technical individuals and have current customers for you to work with. There are many types of customers who utilize the BePro Software Team, from established companies to one-off projects. Let us help you to bridge the learning curve and use your existing talents the right away.

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