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Engage your visitors with BePro Listings Favorites aka ( directory watchlist ). This plugin provides the opportunity for visitors to give a thumbs up or down for a particular listing. You can then allow users to browse their favorites on a dedicated page.

Requirements :

  • BePro Listings 2.0.95 or later



  • Adds voting ability to listings
  • Recent Votes Widget
  • Shortcodes for creating, most popular, my votes (map and/or listings), and all voted pages
  • Stores the IP of logged out users
  • Remembers if user has voted before and shows it to the user.
  • Allows user to remove or change vote
  • Update capable (required BePro Software Updates)


This addon facilitates BePro Listings with the ability to record votes from visitors. Now you can tell which listings people like the most. Voting results can be turned on or off in the admin.

The display presents a thumbs up icon signifying likes and a thumbs down icon signifying dislike. A user cannot do both; However, they can change their vote at any time.

The display keeps the user informed. It knows if the user has voted before and displays this by highlighting their previous vote. It also provides details regarding how many people have voted in either direction. When changes are made, it instantly notifies the user of a successful voting process. It also updates the screen with the latest voting figures.


This plugin provides important insights into the performance of your listings. The fact that any visitor can vote, removes the limitations of registrations and invites the user to interact right away. BePro Listings Favorites is the best way to know if people are receptive to your listings.


As with all of our plugins, this one is in our development rotation. You can expect upgrades to this plugin

Date: BePro Listings Favorites was last modified: November 19th, 2020 by BePro Software Team Management at


Version 1.0.04 (July 29th, 2015)

  • Add ability to remove vote

Version 1.0,03 (June 22nd, 2015)

  • Fix limit on my favorites shortcode
  • Added new shortcode for my favorite maps

Version 1.0,02 (April 23rd, 2015)

  • Translation ready
  • Tweak percentage calculation, rounding numbers.
  • Upgrade capable

Version 1.0,01 (Mar 24th, 2015)

  • Increased multisite compatibility
  • Created uninstall script
  • Fixed startup errors
  • Fixed ability for users to vote while logged out

Version 1.0,0 (Jan 4th, 2014)

  • Release stable

Date: BePro Listings Favorites was last modified: November 19th, 2020 by BePro Software Team Management at


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