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We have had lots of requests for this gallery add-on for our BePro Listings plugin. BePro Listings uses the stock wordpress gallery shortcode. For most users, this is perfect. However for some, more control is needed. If you would like a true wordpress gallery listings manager, you need BePro Listings Galleries

  • Try Our BePro Listings Gallery Slider on for free. This page talks about the paid version of the plugin “BePro Listings Galleries”


With this new plugin, you will have Four (4) new design options for the gallery on listing pages. These four options are available via a new shortcode also. These options include, lightbox, 2 sliders, and a ticker. It also allows other plugins to tie into the gallery functionality like BePro Listings Videos.

Requirements :

  • BePro Listings 2.0.53 or later

This plugin adds :

  • Four (4)  gallery types to choose from including traditional and sliders
  • Update Capable
  • Ability to change order of gallery images
  • Ability for other plugins to tie in via wordpress hooks and filters
  • New Gallery still uses # or cols option from bepro listings plugin for some gallery types
  • Three (3) New Listings templates via the “type” options “bpg1”, “bpg2” and “bpg3” for the “[display_listings]” shortcode (WordPress Gallery Listings)
  • One new shortcode to display sliders/gallery/ticker [ bpg_slider pids=”2,3,4″ gtype=”slider1″ ]
  • Display slider images from post ids or by category ids
  • Slider is responsive and features post/page title
  • Comes with lightbox feature for viewing uploads and images
  • Import multiple images via CSV
  • Export all images (requires BePro Listings Export)


This is the perfect solution for creating a professional and enjoyable appearance to your listing pages. Users will be able to click an image and view the entire gallery via the resulting pop up gallery


As with all of our plugins, this one is in our development rotation. You can expect upgrades to this plugin

Date: BePro Listings Galleries was last modified: November 19th, 2020 by BePro Software Team Management at


Version 1.0.882 (Oct 1st 2020)

  • Fix JS issues

Version 1.0.881 (Jul 18th 2015)

  • Integration with BePro Lisitngs Export

Version 1.0.88 (Apr 14th 2015)

  • Improve slider integration for addons

Version 1.0.87 (Apr 01st 2015)

  • Improve slider integration for addons

Version 1.0.86 (Jan 25th 2015)

  • Fix duplicate photo issue

Version 1.0.85 (Dec 29th 2014)

  • add to change order of gallery images

Version 1.0.84 (Dec 20th 2014)

  • add Update capability

Version 1.0.83 (Nov 19th 2014)

  • Fix compatibility issue with BePro Listings Documents
  • Remove lightbox effect when basic gallery type is selected

Version 1.0.82 (June 7th 2014)

  • Tweak pop up css, especially related to videos

Version 1.0.7

  • JS tweaks to use iframes instead of flash embeds when working with BePro Listings Videos. Results in better cross browser video compatibility

Version 1.0.6

  • JS and Css tweaks to hide images before slider is loaded

Version 1.0.5

  • HTML5 Support – Setup the building blocks for HTML5 media support

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed various styling issues

Version 1.0.1

  • Stable

Date: BePro Listings Galleries was last modified: November 19th, 2020 by BePro Software Team Management at


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