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For those interested in a personalized video tutorial regarding technology like wordpress or software development, we have a solution. Someone from our team will create a screencast targeted to your issue. The result is a video tutorial which you can follow and listen to clear instructions


For our purposes, a screencast is a video with verbal narration. For example, all of our instructional videos should be considered screencasts. The focus of the screencast, is the technology being targeted. This could take the form of screen capturing or actual video footage.


We try to pack a lot into our screen casts. To make sure everyone gets a similar level of quality and product, we have created a list of what you can expect. This list is subject to change as, our team, expertise, capabilities, and availability changes. Consider the following features:

  • Up to 5 minutes in length, excluding intro/outro
  • Narration in english from a native english speaker

Our current list of expertise includes the following genres:

  • WordPress (management and/or development) – New to wordpress or developing a plugin?
  • PHP development – Have us explain something complex or introduce you to the language
  • MYSQL (management and/or development) – Everything MYSQL from how to manage to sql queries
  • Our plugins and themes – We definitely will explain details about any of our plugins or themes
  • SEO – Learn about how to rank, whats a waste of time, whats white hat, whats not etc
  • Javascript – We can introduce the concept or go into creating your own libraries
  • CSS & HTML – For questions like, how responsive technology works or what is html5

Don’t see what you want on the list? Then contact us. It can really be that simple


The video will be delivered within 3-5 days of your purchase. You can view the resulting video in any of the following ways:

  • Email delivery
  • Download link
  • Youtube or Vimeo link


For those new to the technologies we specialize in, a focused tutorial can often save hours. It also provides you with insight from an expert that can often times be invaluable. During checkout, explain your focus in the memo area. Someone will contact you within 12 hrs of your purchase.

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