BePro Software is a brand dedicated to providing building blocks for developers. Towards that goal, we created a group of free plugins. Each with unique features and the ability to be extended by developers. To prove the usefulness of this software, we have created many addons which we sell right here on This page is dedicated to introducing you to these FREE pieces of software and invite you to utilize them for your future projects

These plugins were designed to be extended and monetized by others. We believe that there is strength in numbers and we wan’t to partner with you. These products are designed to target popular niches like, ecommerce, real estate, and more. Together, our community creates, themes, plugins, books, and other supporting products. Join us as a client because of the large community developing solutions for you. Join us as a contributor, since together, our open community will compete against any large corporation. These products are designed to provide a stable platform for you to create great solutions.

BePro Cart

This wordpress ecommerce plugin removes the industry norm of tieing shopping cart software to an arbitrary product. Now, instead of having multiple plugins with their own checkout process, they can all use BePro Cart. Obviously, existing plugins won’t abandon their current software; However, for new projects we believe developers are willing to abandon this archaic approach. With a fully functional drop in cart solution, your application can quickly be made to accept payments. Imagine the time in development that will save you

BePro Email

While creating addons for our software suite, we quickly noticed that they all have very similar notification requirements. Now, a major aspect of our software suite, is that they are designed to work together. This brought us to the obvious conclusion, that having our wordpress plugins all share the same notification interface would be ideal. We then created ways for them to claim specific emails as their own and manipulate them as needed just before they are sent. Giving the user visible admin access to these emails, with the ability to add more, delete, or edit existing ones, is light years ahead of its time

BePro Listings

Some may argue that this wordpress plugin started it all. From humble beginnings, this plugin has evolved to be the most powerful directory builder available for wordpress. Its dynamic template architecture allows it to feature information for any type of directory. This means that one single plugin competes in multiple directory niches like, business, real estate, vehicles, classifieds and so much more. With new addons like our unique Form Builder, we are very excited about the future of BePro Listings

BePro Mobile

Little is known about this project and that’s unfortunate. BePro Mobile is really the catalyst for everything you see on Everything we do is in the hopes of funding the development of this project. Its sole goal is to take our configurable architecture mobile to platforms like android, windows mobile and apple. The ability for a novice to customize a mobile app, all from an online interface, is still new ground. With a goal of global marketing and distribution, this is the single most important focus for our team today.

BePro Points

This is a great solution for adding gamification to your wordpress website. We have a long history with points and reward solutions and it was actually our first source of software revenue. With BePro Points, you can reward users for interacting with your website. This ideal for increasing and sustaining usage rates among your website users. This platform is easily extended by developers and easy to use for administrators. Add, deduct, and view point logs for all users on your website.


This brings up the very real question of the future of the BePro Software Suite. To be honest, this is chess not checkers, so we don’t know. Technology is an ever evolving space and the willingness to abandon old technologies and pivot to new ones, will separate the winners from the loosers. So far we are winners and would like to keep on that track. If anything, expect the unexpected and for us to continue to challenge the online marketplace with the talents of our BePro Software Team

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