Our team consists of a curated network of Canadian, software developers, project managers, and designers known as the BePro Software Team. Contact us today to schedule a consultation on your next project.. We also have a section available for those interested in joining the BePro Software Team


BePro Software is a brand wholly owned and operated by Beyond Programs Ltd. We created this brand to focus on software development, software sales, and the developer community. As this focus grew, we needed a technical team to manage operations. The BePro Software Team, grew out of a necessity to, develop, maintain, and support our software. Now that we did the hard work curating this network of talented teams, we are offering you the opportunity to also hire them for your projects.

Hire BeProSoftware.com to, assemble the right team, manage your project, and coordinate maintenance for the life of your project. When we get to the support and maintenance stage, we can also work with you towards creating customer engagement scripts and training material regarding your products. We offer several service packages which can help you to calculate project prices.


We have created a scalable approach to providing web development support. Our typical clients include

  • Users looking to have a single project completed
  • Companies wanting to find talent and increase their workforce
  • Plugin and theme makers needing support for their products

You know what to expect from our team because of our clear standards, education programs, testing process and the results like our BePro Software Suite of products. When it comes to how they can help you, consider the following

  • wordpress.org forums
  • Live Chat (on your website)
  • Emails (requires a dedicated email address)
  • Phone (coming soon)

This support stack is realistic and scalable. Members of the BePro Software Team are required to attend training and are subject to constant testing to remain part of the team. This means you get access to a dependable level of support


We understand that anyone can develop and support software; However, our team consists of professionals who go beyond introductory knowledge. Their specialties facilitate robust software, clear instructions, and informative support. In many cases, this knowledge is amassed through years of experience before joining our network. Our BePro Software team includes:

  • Support Representatives
  • Jr Software Developers
  • Sr Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Consultation experts
  • Business Analysts
  • Tutors
  • Marketing Experts (SEO, PPC, Martech)

Whatever your needs, our team members can assist. Use one or all of the skill sets simultaneously. When considering how these workers will fit your needs, consider the following:

  • Currently, 100% of team members are located in North America; However, we hope to grow
  • All team members speak English fluently
  • All team members are continually subject to training and testing
  • Choose between various available technical roles to fulfill your monthly support needs


We know how it is to be knee-deep in developing your core product when a potential sale lead comes through email. Now the dilemma, you are in the zone and money is how you pay rent. Stop this dilemma today with our support staff. We offer great monthly packages, and we can work with you to find and coordinate your support staff when you require them most.

Do you need even more support staff? Contact us today and have us work with you to meet your customer support needs. Whatever time zone you focus on, we have English-speaking representatives ready to help you.


Our BePro Software Team works closely to, plan, create, distribute, and support our software. If your company requires, robust software solutions that work, in-depth documentation, and English-speaking support, then you are in the right place. Our team is ready to help you achieve your software development goals.

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