When purchasing on BePro Software, there is a lot to consider. We offer a Terms and Conditions page but recognize that its long and many users will miss important points. This page is focused on sharing information important to most users. Specific information includes payment options, support and details regarding our software licences. Understanding your options empowers you to make an informed decision. More importantly, we want to convey how you can reach out with your concerns and questions. However note, in all cases refer to the Terms and Conditions page for details and clarity


OUR TEAM – The BePro Software Team consists of, designers, project managers and other personnel necessary to support enterprise level software. Core to our solutions are our software developers who each have university degrees in mostly BSc and BSE focuses. This is the level of expertise we invest into every product released and supported by the BePro Software brand.

All PRODUCTS – The web is constantly changing and so is our code. By using our products, you understand that there will be, bugs, compatibility issues and the need to upgrade. With new features constantly being launched, we offer no promise of 100% functional software, only the attempt to achieve it. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the various update and notification options we provide, to keep your product updated.

PAID PRODUCTS – The majority of our products are built on a group of FREE solutions known as the BePro SOftware Suite. You should download, install, configure and test these solution before purchasing anything. Be sure to ask questions via our forums if you have any concerns. Also consider that paid products support the BePro Software Team and ensure the product you are buying will be around for years to come.

INTEGRATION – Some of our FREE solutions allow you to integrate them into 3rd party products, which we did not create e.g. wordpress themes. Be sure to factor this work into your decision making. If you are a developer or have one, then that’s great. Otherwise, you should anticipating the added cost of hiring one of our developers for product support or custom wordpress development for an hour or two to complete the integration.

DEMOS & CONSULTATION – As noted earlier, all of our paid products are based on free solutions. We invite you to download these free solutions and confirm the basic functionality that’s included. Then if you require a demo, or the ability to sample a paid product, request a demo. A simple demo/tour of our products, without any customization, can usually be done within 1hr of consultation. This would include a phone call of up to 20 minutes via skype or landline. Otherwise note that we post all of our demos on www.beprothemes.com

SUPPORT – All of our products are supported for FREE. This includes responding to requests posted in our Forums. For products which you have purchased, this means a commitment to fix any bugs associated with the product and stay up to date with the versions of software its built on. Paid products also receive priority for new feature request and other perks

LICENSE – Each purchase comes with access to upgrades for a period of time after purchase. Each product will clearly state the amount of time which is included. Once the term is completed, your product will continue to work. However note that upgrades typically include, security fixes, bug fixes and new features. If you factor in the cost of licenses, in many cases, this can mean a yearly commitment to renewing your license.

DISCOUNTS – We offer reward points as a great way to to reduce the cost of products and services on BeProSoftware.com. We recommend this option to all of our customers, especially if you are expecting to purchase licences for consecutive years.

SUBSCRIPTIONS – This should be seriously considered if you are buying any of our products. We develop special documentation and informational videos for a few membership groups. These groups each come with their own perks including Discounts on products and services. This is the single biggest way to reduce cost for anyone considering a large purchase. Most importantly, its a great resource for learning details about the product you are planning to purchase. Subscriptions are charged monthly and you can cancel at anytime.

Note, if you download a product for FREE, as a perk of subscription, all support for that product ends when your subscription ends. This includes access to updates. Assuming your web environment goes unchanged, the product will continue to work forever. For continued access to, new features, security patches, tutorials, support and so much more, you should consider subscriptions an ongoing partnership for the life of utilizing our products

SECURITY – Security of our products and beprosoftware.com is important to us. Registrations are screened and all pages are covered with HTTPS security. We also pay special attention to the availability of BeProSoftware.com. This attention to security is also embodied by our use of https across the entire website. If you find an issue with security regarding one of our products or BeProSoftware.com itself, let us know so that we can take action.

REFUNDS – Here are BeProSoftware.com we provide various products and services. They are all treated differently when it comes to refunds. Single products which do not work within 30 days of purchase receive a 100% refund. Service hours which are paid out to real people cannot be refunded. Here is the breakdown of our refunds

  • Products – 100% refund for each product our team confirms is not functional or repairable within 30 days of purchase. For any other reason within 30 days, you can request a 50% refund
  • Reward Points – 100% refund when requested within 30 days of purchase and none of the purchased points are used.
  • Subscriptions – No refunds
  • Service hours – No refunds


We offer demos, free products and access to lots of support. Our goal is to provide you with a working product and keep you as a customer for years to come. We appreciate  every purchase and hope to grow into a large company capable of providing you with more solutions. Allow us to work with you towards ensuring you receive exactly what was advertised.

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