Buy A Property Listings Website!

Showcase your properties online. Premium real estate website, hosting, and marketing solution. Increase visibility and convert more buyers with our custom built solution for short term rentals, property developers, and real estate agencies.

Our team will build, host, market, and maintain a custom property listings directory for you which reflects your business. This allows you to focus on showcasing your inventory and communicating with website visitors.

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Create A Business Directory Website!

Create an online business directory with BePro Listings and its addons. We feature a range of addon tools like Mapping and search features to help your visitors find listings. We also feature tools to work with businesses to capture their listings and collect payments

BePro Listings comes packed with a range of features and incorporates SEO standards like SCHEMA to make sure the listings are found online. For those with unique directory needs, we also feature a range of addons like our Form Builder and themes like the BePro Business Directory. It’s intuitive design works for most but can be easily customized.

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Your Canadian Django, WordPress, and Shopify solutions provider. We provide cloud server hosting, online marketing, and custom website solutions. supports companies with the adoption of technology through training, installation, custom development, and ongoing maintenance solutions. Our Canadian team specializes in PHP and Python solutions on WP Engine, Azure, GCP, and AWS.

On this website, you will find our extensive video training library including website management, marketing, and advanced topics like artificial intelligence. Subscribe for a flat monthly fee to all available courses.

Our BePro Software Team also develops and maintains many software solutions. All are discussed in our blog and documentation area. Some of our products are sold in our store. All prices are in USD.

Our Products and Services
10 SEO Articles

Our team is focused on providing marketing solutions. Blog remains a great way to attract visitors from search engines. It’s also one of the best ways to get backlinks to your website. Our team will craft custom search engine optimized articles specific to your business niche and customer focus. Click here for details

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Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are now some of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Our team will work with you to target your customers monthly and provide reports on sales attributed to ads and activities we run on social sites. Learn more here.

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Newsletter Email Marketing

Allow our team to setup and manage a newsletter email marketing campaign for you. This service is offered on a monthly subscription providing flexibility to scale your marketing strategy as needed

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Search Engine Optimization

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are still great ways to get traffic to your website. We offer a monthly subscription option for long term growth of you traffic from SEO. We will work with you to target your customers through this medium. Learn More Here.

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E-Commerce Web Development

Get fast, professional E-commerce web development help for multiple platforms including Shopify and WooCommerce. We develop and support e-commerce sites with Marketing solutions. Hire our BePro Software team today.

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WCAG AA Accessibility Review

WCAG is the website accessibility standard created by the international organization W3C. We offer a review of your website design or existing website for the AA level of conformance. Purchase a review

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Migration from Google Cloud Compute Engine to AWS EC2

We are moving some of our websites from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hosting to Amazon’s AWS cloud platform. Rookies may consider downloading files to their desktop and manually uploading them to the new server via FTP. Old school gurus would probably scp between two remote servers. In this article, we will review the Application Migration…

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ChatGPT integration with our FolioProjects project management platform

In 2021 our Canadian development team launched the beta version of FolioProjects, a project portfolio management SaaS. We have now integrated FolioProjects with the ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) platform. Today, you can utilize the power of AI to predict the success of your project, assess risk, and recommend tasks that will increase the likelihood of…

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tiktok marketing for Canadian businesses

Why Your Canadian Business Should Engage Social Media Platforms like TikTok

For decades, social media marketing has contributed meaningful sales to businesses of all sizes across different sectors. However, data shows that online companies benefit more from buying ads on popular social networks. Local companies also enjoy considerable success advertising on social media. But social media marketing can be complicated, too. As social media marketing trends…

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Online marketing in Canada

Creating a Canadian Social Media Marketing Strategy Including Quebec Francophone speakers

Social media marketing is an essential part of online marketing for many businesses. In Canada, at least 96% of all internet users use social media on their mobile phones. Considering the number of people that use social media on a daily basis, properly utilizing this channel can be highly lucrative. It can be a steady…

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How to Develop a Strong Email Newsletter Campaign for Your Canadian E-commerce Store?

Are you looking forward to creating a newsletter for your Canadian e-commerce store, but failing miserably? Do you want to have a profitable marketing campaign with newsletters? Do you wish to give a boost to your email marketing strategy? If the answer to all these questions is yes, this is the right article for you. In…

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Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which Is Better For Canadian E-Commerce Websites?

Shopify and WooCommerce are excellent e-commerce platforms with unique features and capabilities. Many e-commerce developers consider each the perfect alternative for the other, but Shopify has clear strengths over WooCommerce in certain areas. And vice versa. If you need help with either platform, contact us today. But have you wondered which e-commerce platform is better…

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