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Most of the content we produce is focused on the software we create, online advertising, and eCommerce website growth. They immerse you in, use cases, various market perspectives, and in-depth tutorials.

A Basic monthly subscription will:

  • Reduce the learning curve involved with using our solutions
  • Provide access to video courses supporting novices and experts
  • Share insight into the business of creating and supporting internet-based software
  • Provide access to member-only downloads including prototypes and code samples


In addition to the Basic Subscription, we offer several services via a subscription. This provides the flexibility for you to utilize the service as long as needed. Some services are monthly, while others are yearly.
Each subscription package provides a discount when compared to purchasing hours individually. Find the subscription package that fits your needs and goals the best. For example, those trying to learn about internet marketing should consider our basic membership. Those needing to build traffic to their website, using our knowledge, should purchase the search engine optimization subscription.

Basic Membership

$14.99 / month

Starts with a 5% discount on all wordpress and android solutions that we develop. Also get special discounts on products and access to member only content and media.


For those interested in our basic subscription, we offer lots of content catered to the various subscription levels available above. Video tutorials are separated into series, which makes them easy to follow. The series also helps you find related content. A basic subscription provides access to all of our video courses. Here are 2-course examples:

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