Media addons for our WordPress plugin BePro Listings, now feeds HTML5 media. Don’t worry, if your browser does not support it, we have a fallback flash option. No other listings plugin can offer this type of option


This is a great new technology for rendering video, audio and other media. Many of the biggest video companies online like youtube are making the switch. So why shouldn’t you? With BePro Listings media options, we make it possible. Our current addons with HTML5 support include

Mobile compatibility is the biggest reason to consider this type of approach. Flash simply does not work on most mobile devices like Apple and Android. On the other hand HTML5 does work for all modern browsers including those in mobile devices.


Flash is still available as a fallback option for browsers that don’t support HTML5. This way, you have nothing to worry about. We use smart technology to ask the customer’s browser what it can handle, we then render the media to work with the optimum setting.

We have tweaked it so that HTML5 is the preferred option. Popular bench tests have proved that html5 is a faster technology. It also has several other benefits over flash. We believe that this is the best approach for serving media to your customers.


If you were wondering about HTML5 and have been hesitant about making the switch, we can’t blame you. This is brand new technology that’s still technically in the testing phase. However, for those ready to make the move, we have the best solution. Our media options will feed html5 media when possible and resort to flash for other times.

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