You heard it right, you can make money with BePro Listings. You can charge users per category or a flat rate to post listings to your website. The setup currently provides PayPal for free as the default payment system, with several addon gateways available like stripe and 2CO


  • BePro Listings 2.1.55
  • BePro Cart 1.0.06 or later
  • PayPal account


We created a video to introduce you to the BePro Listings payment features.


BePro Cart is a free plugin which provides payment features to BePro Listings. There is a payment tab on the BePro Listings options page with the payment options. There you can choose between category payments, flat rate and no payments at all.

The result is a system where you can create passive income for yourself. Easily configure the plugin to automatically publish listings when a successful payment is received via PayPal. Remember, BePro Listings and BePro Cart are both free

Users are provided with details regarding the cost of their listing and an opportunity to pay. They can pay for multiple listings at the same time. You are also provided with important insight into the status of the payment from the BePro Listings main admin page.


Setup is quick and easy. Follow these steps

  • Step 1 – Install BePro Listings
  • Setp 2 – Install BePro Cart
  • Step 3 – In the BePro Listings admin menu, you will find the options menu. There you will be presented with multiple tabs including “Payments”. Look for the “Accept Payments” option and select the relevant one.
  • Step 4 – If you selected to flat rate, new BePro Listings menus will be available. You may need to refresh the page to see them. These new pages under the BePro Listings admin menu include
    • Packages – Setup unlimited packages with, # of listings, duration and cost
    • Orders – View the packages that are being selected and purchased by users.

Note, anything that’s already published will be exempt from the payment requirement. Also, if the price of the listing is $0, there will also be no payment requirement.


This is what end users purchase. You can define various factors of a package including:

  • number of listings
  • duration
  • cost

When users create listings, they will have to be part of a package that they purchased. Ultimately, you will need to make at least one package, to allow users to create listings. You can set a price of $0 and however long of a duration that you would like including unlimited time.


In this scenario, we are referring to purchase BPL Orders which are managed in the BePro Listings admin. Once a user creates a listing for a package (which requires payment), an order will be created. Alternatively, users can select available packages on their My Accounts page to purchase and an order will be created for them. These orders control the listings that are attached to them in various ways, including the expiration of the listings and how many listings that user is able to publish.

You can assign orders to customers for them to pay. Simply create the order in the admin with their User ID and set the status to pending. The end user will then see the option available on their My Account page as pending. Alternatively, you can set the status to published, allowing the end user to start using the package features.

You can manage which order, a listing is attached to by editing the listing. There is an option for bl_order_id which is the ID for the order. You can get the ID from the url in the browser address bar when editing an order

Listing expiration is set by the duration setting in the package. So if a package has a 30 day duration, then the order will expire 30 days from the date of purchase. All listings within this package will expire once the order expires. If an end user has one expired order and an active order, the system will automatically switch the listing to the active package once they resave the listing on their My Accounts page


One major feature to note, is that the plugin creates and deletes package orders automatically depending on user listing creation. So if we have  “Package A” offering 5 listings, an order is created when the first listing created. The system will not create another order until 5 “Package A” listings are created or another package is selected e.g. “Package B”

What’s particularly interesting is that the system decides which order to attribute the listings to. If there is space in a previous package order, the system will select that package. When the package is full, it will prompt the user to pay for a new package.

When it comes to deleting orders, you can do this in the admin easily via the admin menu. For front end users, this process is as easy as creating the order. Using our “Package A” example, if a user deletes all listings that were attributed to that package, and the package was not paid, then the package order will be deleted automatically.


Ultimately, this allows you to start making money with BePro Listings for FREE TODAY. Simply activate the BePro Cart to unlock the payment options. You will need a PayPal account to accept the payments. Alter the configuration options and you are done. At that point, users will be charged to post listings.

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