We listened to our customers and implemented a standalone BePro Listings profile page. Now your users can view their listings on a dedicated page, without the previous dependency on Buddypress


Now, with a simple shortcode, you can setup any page to feature a user’s listings. View the shorcode below


With one shortcode, you allow users to view, edit, and delete their own listings


Many of our user’s were not interested in the heavy extra features that were added by Buddypress. There are several wordpress plugins which facilitate profiles so we examined a few. We evaluated social plugins like WP Symposium and found that they were either not setup to be extended or overly bulky and slow. This forced us to begin the process of implementing our own listings management solution

This solution is lite weight. It uses only 3 php function to display and manage the listings. We believe that many of our user’s will enjoy this option, especially if they aren’t creating a large open community.


We are always creating new features for BePro Listings. It is the fastest growing and most feature rich plugin of its kind available. You can anticipate more advancement like this, making the creation of a listings site easy.

Date: My Listings Page was last modified: April 3rd, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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  1. pajaro

    I am a little confused how this works. Does the person creating the item have to log in? Does the person see everyone’s list? What do you mean “create a Profile page” on your Installation Options page? How do you do this!

    • lots of questions and comments are not a good medium for discussing your options. Please use our forums

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