Since BePro Listings version 2.1.18 you can upload your listings via a csv document. There are some basic requirements and limitations to the upload form. Ultimately, this is a quick and easy way to upload your inventory to BePro Listings. This article is dedicated to providing the details on how to use the upload form


The first row of your csv file must contain the following headings. Members can download the following csv template BePro Listings csv template (398) or you can use the following headings.

  • item_name – name of your listing. This is required
  • content – Listing description
  • categories – Can be the category ID or category name. Must be coma separated
  • first_name – first name for contact
  • last_name – last name for contact
  • cost – cost for listing
  • email – email for contact
  • website – website link for listing
  • address_line1 – street address for listing
  • city – city of listing
  • postcode – postal code for listing
  • state – state of listing
  • country – country of listing
  • phone – phone number of contact
  • lat – latitude information for listing
  • lon – longitude information for listing
  • photo – photo url. Only (1) allowed

Simply fill in the columns with the information that corresponds to these headings. Yes, the name does matter. No, the order does not matter


There is the option of which delimiter to use. We offer 3 delimiter options which we believe would handle most possible scenarios. So make sure to save your csv file using one of the available delimiters. Strings are encased in double quotes e.g. “string” and is a default setting for most csv exported files.

Also consider that BePro Listings uploads uses your settings for “Default Status” and “Query Type”. So if you would like the resulting uploads to be “Published” you need to indicate this. If you are having issues getting a lat/lon, then try switching the “Query Type” value

One big aspect to note is that the file must be in ANSI encoding. Many text editors will help you to verify the encoding. For example, we use notepad++ which is a free editor and will help you to manage the encoding of your files. This is important to note since you may be generating the csv document via a third party application.


If you are interested in uploading your inventory to the BePro Listings system, its now very easy. Prepare the file using our column headers. Then in the BePro Listings option menu, select the file, the delimiter character, and upload the listings. Did we mention this is all for FREE?

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13 thoughts on “Listing CSV Upload

  1. Captain_Stripes

    Trying to upload CSV.
    Following all instructions.
    On options page, CSV Upload, Choose File, choose delimiter.
    But where is the upload button? Not visible!
    Cannot see how to upload.
    Please help.

    Thank you.

  2. arthurdijkstra969

    where is the download section for downloading the csv example=

  3. takahashi

    hello, was is the max. of data sets (rows) the CSV upload is good for? would 10,000 rows of company data sets for example work?

  4. jpapenmeier

    Every time I try to upload my CSV from my spreadsheet, I get a pending listing that appears to be totally blank. I have all strings wrapped in ” ” and have proper headers…..what am I missing?

  5. egypten

    Hi! How can I export CSV-files within BePro Listings? Or elsewhere? I am a newbie on BePro Listings… 🙂

  6. cjackson

    Do you have a developer API to update listing from an external program? I have a client which needs this type of service.

    Otherwise, is it possible to receive documentation of the MySQL table structure for direct data access for inserts, updates and deletes?



      • cjackson

        My pleasure… and I wish much success to its use and purchase by other partners of BePro. I am appreciative of you and your team’s efforts… I will certainly give 5 stars online for the Listing plugin and API…. Just waiting to get our project / client in production to give a full outline of our success!!!

        Keep up the good work. I hope to continue use of your WordPress suite and increase our partnership.


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