Welcome to the BePro Business Directory Theme. This Premium theme was designed to showcase the features of the BePro Listings plugin. Some BePro Listings addons are also utilized as optional features in this theme. Ultimately, this theme provides everything you expect in a premium theme as well as the directory features provided by BePro Listings and its Addons

BePro Listings

This powerful directory plugin provides the major functionality of this theme. Google maps, search, front end submission, listings, and so much more. This directory theme styles these various elements in a unique way, showcasing how easy it is for you to do the same.

BePro Listings is easily installed within minutes via a simple installation wizard. It will walk you through the various options, allowing you to customize the directory to fit your vision. Its a very good idea to install this plugin first, before installing the theme. BePro Listings is 100% free and available for download on WordPress.org.


BePro Listings provides over 20 addons for you to choose from. In this theme, we take advantage of the following

  • BePro Listings Icons
  • BePro Listings Search

Many other addons will work with this theme. In fact, we recommend the following

  • BePro Listings Form Builder
  • BePro Listings Reviews
  • BePro Listings Galleries

That’s what’s great about BePro Listings, it utilizes the building blocks approach of the entire BePro Software Suite of products. You can choose the addons that make the most sense for your type of website. Do you prefer up/down voting instead of star reviews? With BePro Listings, you can choose which features to add to your website and how best to configure them for your customers.


In this theme you will see customizations of the page templates as well as the search result listings. In our documentation we go into details regarding what each page does and how to create each result listing. Ultimately, we showcase how you can customize these aspects by providing eye catching designs as part of this product.


This theme is a great example of what’s possible with BePro Listings. You and or your designer can easily customize BePro Listings to fit the needs of any directory, product catalog, or general listings website. Customize the individual features or the template that showcases them

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