As we continue to evolve BePro Listings, one of our goals is to help you get started quicker. In an effort to accomplish our goal, we have added a BePro Listings status admin page. Here you will find various statistics regarding BePro Listings, PHP and wordpress.


Once on the status dashboard, you can see that there are multiple tabled sections focusing on various aspects of your setup. Each section shows a feature on the left with the status or value on the right. This easy to read interface give you a quick and easy glance to confirm that all is ok with your BePro Listings installation

While viewing the status options on the right, you are looking for them all to say “OK”. If they say “Error” in red then you must fix this issue for BePro Listings to work fully. Since the plugin uses many wordpress features, it is possible for some aspects to work and not others.

The values take some diagnosis to help troubleshoot your issue. Here are a few major aspects of concern

  • File Path – If the BePro Listings file path has any numbers in it then there is a problem
  • Memory Limit – A low figure like 128MB could be an indicator of your server’s limited resources


Ultimately, you would like to setup the plugin to run without any errors. Hypothetically, there could be an error that does not affect your needs e.g. google api limit in a website that does not list addresses. However, here is a breakdown to help you troubleshoot errors seen on this page

  • Database Tables – If you are not able to save listing details like cost, contact or geography, this is the reason. The plugin must be deleted 100% and re-installed.
  • Google Api – This will answer the question of why certain map features do not work like generating a lat/lon on form submission. An error here is probably caused by lacking curl or file get contents features. Its also possibly that you have reached the limit of your free google api usage which is common on shared server hosting
  • Result Templates – This would indicate why you are not seeing any search results. The issue is most often seen during server moves. There is an option to “Recreate Search Result Templates” under the Repair tab on the BePro Listings->Options admin page
  • Curl – This php function is one of the ways we communicate with the google map api. If this option is not present, then you can switch to “file_get_contents” via the Map tab on the BePro Listings->Options admin page or contact your server administrator and have them turn on the feature
  • File Get Contents – BePro Listings->Options admin page or contact your server administrator and have them turn on the feature

If you are unable to fix the error on your own, you can contact us via our forums.


We hope this page makes it easier to diagnose issues with your BePro Listings installation quickly and easily. View important details regarding aspects of your installation like, BePro listings, PHP and your web server. Ideally, you should troubleshoot and fix the issues that are shown via this dashboard.

Date: BePro Listings Status was last modified: July 31st, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at