BePro Listings allows you to create hundreds of notification emails via its integration with BePro Email. To start, BePro Listings adds 2 emails to BePro Email. You can then, add more, edit whats there, or delete these notifications via the BePro Email admin interface. No other, real estate, classified, vehicle or other directory builder (regardless of platform) can offer you this level of flexibility


During installation, if BePro Email is installed, BePro Listings will adds two emails to it. These two notifications are for new listing creations. If the user is logged in, they will get an email. The administrator will also get an email. You are able to add to these, edit them, or delete them. We recommend that you at least edit them so that they reflect your business accurately

If you install BePro Email after BePro Listings, then you will need to trigger the email creations manually. Go to BePro Listings->Options and the Repair tab. Click the “Recreate BePro Email Notifications” option and save. Then the 2 default emails should be available in BePro Email.

BePro Email allows each email to be triggered by a wordpress action hook. Luckily, BePro Listings has several hooks throughout its codebase which you can utilize to trigger notification emails. Also remember that there are over a hundred wordpress action hooks. Get notified of payments, receive an email every time some one logs in, or when a particular form submits. If you can think up a notification, there is probably a worpdress, BePro Listings, or other action hook that you can use to trigger the email. Once you understand wordpress action hooks, we bet that you use BePro Email on all of your projects going forward.


Language control is one of the biggest benefits of this approach. Regardless of what you would like the emails to say, or what language, you are able to edit all aspects of the email from the BePro Email admin interface.

There are also no limits to the amount of emails you can send per event (wordpress action) or recipients. This allows you to notify everyone that needs to know, with the email content that they need. Then there is the fact that BePro Email stores statistics regarding number of sends and various configuration options. This type of control is unheard of for a directory plugin.


BePro Listings provides notification features via BePro Email. This interface allows you to add, edit, or delete notificaion emails. Since emails stored in BePro Email are triggered by wordpress action hooks, you have literally hundreds of events to trigger your notification emails

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