For those interested in adding a directory to their Buddypress experience, then you should consider BePro Listings. This directory plugin is buddypress compatible in its free stock form. This plugin will allow your buddypress memebers to add, edit, and delete directory listings from their buddypess profile Click here to download it today


Buddypress is a popular community plugin. It allows members to form groups share activities and other features typical to membership community websites. One important feature of Buddypress is its central profile area which brings the profile management features to the front end. These features require backend access with a stock wodpress install.

BePro Listings is the most advanced and feature rich Directory plugin available for wordpress. It allows users to create/edit/delete listings on your wordpress website. These listings can be search, filtered and viewed in various ways. Address information generate google maps, images create galleries. With shortcodes and various configuration options, you can setup your own custom real estate, car dealer, or any directory type.


Once both Buddypress and BePro Listings are installed, you simply need to activate the connection via the BePro Listings admin menu. Look for the “options” sub menu and the “3rd party” tab. There you must select the Buddypress checkbox option.

Once that’s selected, your users will have a new “Listings” tab in their buddypress profile. Other users can see what listings each other has created if they are visitors. Profile owners see the ability to add, edit or delete their listing.


Remember that BePro Listings has over 20 addons and a range of wordpress themes which you can use to build a premium directory solution. Utilize addons like the following

  • Bookings
  • Form Builder
  • Galleries
  • Reviews
  • Videos
  • Documents

Regardless of what your community wants to feature, BePro Listings can be customized to showcase that information. It then allows visitors to search, filter, and interact with the listings generated by your directory.


BePro Listings is the most advanced directory website builder available for wordpress. It is buddypress compatible in its free stock form. This integration allows users to add community features to BePro Listings or directory features to buddypress (depending on your perspective). Either way, these two free plugins work together.

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