BePro Software is dedicated to providing the building blocks for creating software. This includes free, software, training and other support options. Towards this goal, we provide the following services

BePro Software Team – Use any aspect of our team towards fulfilling your project development and/or support requirements. Our team is a network of curated technical individuals. They meet minimum requirements including, English language proficiency, formal technical education and experience.  We use them to create our products, why not use them to create yours too? This service includes the option to source short or long term help. This is ideal for a range of users, from one off projects to long term product support

BePro Software Suite – We have created a suite of products that are extendable and 100% FREE. We create addons for these products, which make us money. Why not make money for yourself and your team? Extend our platform to create custom addons which you can resell. If interested in using one of our paid addons in your products, you will need to purchase a developer license. Ultimately, we want to support your product development and success. Check out our Suite of products today. – We want everyone to know about the great things you are doing with our products and team. List your end product on this website to gain exposure and potential purchase leads. Users regularly visit this website to confirm whats possible when using our solutions and we invite you to expose your brand and products to these customers


We are an established brand operated by a registered Canadian corporation. More importantly, you know what we can do because of our BePro Software Suite. We are obviously committed to developing software and maintaining technical staff. Here are a few typical scenarios of when customers choose our Team

  • You would like free marketing for your products
  • You are interested in extra clients
  • You like contributing to free software projects
  • You are not able to maintain your current work load and would like to subcontract projects
  • The project you won is too big and you need assistance

Here are a few scenarios where customers choose our products

  • Stability and security in a platform is important to you
  • You are creating a theme or feature and can benefit from the free features provided by our products
  • You plan on creating services which are based on our products
  • You need a platform that’s well supported and documented
  • You are trying to grow a business and prefer to work as a team to better compete


Lets say your website recently became very popular and your customers are now demanding new features and a better design. This could require a lot of work for a short period of time. Do you really want to start the process of finding these people, while you are busy making money? No, you simply contact your BePro Software consultant and signal them to get the necessary team members together. You then return to greeting your new customers and juggling your interviews

Instead of building things from scratch, many of our software solutions provide the necessary building blocks to create a solution quickly. At that point, it may only take a few tweaks to achieve your custom goals. Our software is designed to be extended and work in custom applications


You can make your own software and find your own workers. That takes time, resources and exposes you to scrutiny. Work as a community to better compete. Enjoy the ease of mind that comes with having your product supported by a large team. Your product has certain guarantees provided by the BePro Software brand. I think anyone would agree that this is a far better solution than freelancer websites.

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