Ok, so you have found a client or need a product developed, what now? Use our BePro Software Team to fill the gaps. Our team is capable of supporting your existing team by implementing a portion of your project, or we can manage the entire project ourselves. This solution is ideal for companies lacking technical staff or anyone who needs a product created.


BePro Software is known if its great suite of 100% FREE software. You can look at the products created by the BePro Software Team and confirm the standard. With that said, there are many reasons why someone would look for a Team of professionals, compared to gambling on a freelancer website. Here are a few points to note

  • English fluency is a requirement to pass our tests. This way you know you can communicate
  • Our Team members are all devoted to their craft. No mystic recruitment process. Our standards are clear and they are high. For example, our developers typically have a BSc or related degree.
  • Everyone on our Team has been interviewed.
  • All members must pass periodic tests. This way you know what talents to expect from a team member

The BePro Software Team

Our team members have years of experience and education. More importantly, you know the level of work to expect from the examples provided with our BePro Software Suite of products. If our standards can facilitate a team to build that solution, they can help you to fulfill your need. Skillsets include

  • Project managers
  • Jr Web Developers
  • Sr Web Developers
  • Designers
  • Consultants


Mix and match the skills you need to fulfill your project needs. Use them in your own teams or work together towards accomplishing your goals. No limits to communication and no forced applications to use. We found a great resource for you, use them as needed

Alternatively, allow us to help you. We can pick the staff necessary to complete your project and guarantee its completion. Our team will go to work for you coordinateing the necessary assets and keeping you posted on process. This approach increases the chances that the project will be built the right way the first time.

Whether you choose to go it alone or have BeProSoftware.com help you with the process, you can either white label the solution as your own or tell everyone that the BePro Software Team helped you to complete it. Letting everyone know the standard behind your application can be a major benefit


There are many reasons why people use the BePro Software Team, here are a few typical scenarios

  • Have a Consultant from our Team meet with your client over video chat. That way we can confirm the project requirements before starting development
  • If you have a particular skill (e.g. designer) and need a complimentary skill (e.g. developer) to support you in a project
  • Let our support team respond to your customer’s questions after the product is completed and relay any bugs to you

As you can see, we can compliment your project in several ways, streamlining the onboarding and delivery phases.


Allow our team to assist you towards creating projects. Whether you are technical or a business genius, you will inevitably require technical help towards fulfilling your development needs. You could try freelancer sites but you never know what to expect and that staff member can disappear. Trust in the curation process which created the BePro Software Team to support your operations

Date: Project Assistance was last modified: March 3rd, 2015 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com