If you want users to upload, documentsimagesnewsvideos, and a growing list of other things to your wordpress website, then you need the BePro Listings plugin. This flexible plugin provides tons of features for FREE. Then when you are ready to expand, we have lots of addons to offer too!

Download BePro Listings today for free at wordpress.org

BePro Listings offers two FREE options for managing accepting submissions from the front end

  • Front end form – We provide a shortcode to create a form on any page or post
  • Buddypress profile – For those using the buddypress plugin, users will have an extra tab in their profile area. From there they can add/edit/delete their submissions

There is also a paid option to consider

  • Visual Form Builder – This addon will allow you to customize the, content, labels, validation, and order of information in the forms. This is all done via an intuitive Drag and Drop interface


Each option works on the same form settings. You have a few ways in which you can configure this form. Options include:

  • Require user to register during submission or submit the post to your account
  • Set all submissions as pending or published
  • Select which sections of the form to use (cost, contact, geography)
  • Require that all form fields be completed and have javascript validate the submission
  • Exclude and / or require specific categories in the form


This plugin allows you to accept submissions from visitors, or restrict it to members only. The submissions from visitors can be assigned to the admin or any user id that you set. The focus of BePro Listings is providing options for

  • Retrieving
  • Displaying
  • Engaging your members with the Information like ($Cost, @Contact, °Lat/Lon).

The Front End Upload/Submission functionality, is in line with our goal of retrieving information. BePro listings features lots of add ons, which allow you to offer more upload features. Here are a few of our add ons:


BePro Listings interfaces with all of the wordpress features 100% for FREE. You also get lots more. Here is a list of features you can expect:

  1. Buddypress – (New for 1.2.0) Allow your users to manage their submissions from their profile.
  2. Custom posts – Listings are separate to your other posts in the admin and front end.
  3. Categories – Custom Taxonomies with the ability to add images and list them.
  4. Front end Submission – Allow visitors to post, or lock it to members only, or it submits to you as pending.
  5. Validations – User Form Submissions are validated using jQuery.
  6. Search Features – Allow users to search by name, location, or various filterable options.
  7. WordPress Integration – Admin/features are familiar and integrate with your existing theme.
  8. Hooks & Filters – Developers will love the documentation & ability to easily extend features.
  9. Shortcodes & Widgets – Several ways to feature the information and engage your visitor.
  10. Admin Options – Control the ability for users to intereact with features and information.
  11. Multisite – Now multisite compatible, expand the use of this plugin throughout your network.
  12. Gallery – Works with the wordpress gallery shortcode, so its compatible with many gallery plugins


BePro Listings features tons of wordpress hooks and filters. This means you can tie in your functionality to almost every aspect of the plugin.

BePro Listings is also super easy to customize. The structure of the plugin utilizes templates where possible. This allows you to edit the template or replace it altogether.


If your goal is to feature front end uploads on your wordpress website, then you need to download the BePro Listigns plugin from the wordpress repository 100% for Free today. Then if and when you need extra features or help setting things up, come visit us again.

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