BePro Listings the best Directory Builder plugin for wordpress, featuring several addons and themes. Showcase information for any directory including, real estate, business, classifieds, pet, vehicle, portfolio and many other niches. It includes various features like google maps, galleries, ajax search/filter, front end submission and more. Build your next directory website on BePro Listings!

 BePro Listings is 100% FREE! to download. Charge users, provide free listings or manage content yourself.

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WHY CHOOSE BePro Listings?

The following unique features cannot be found elsewhere

Paypal payments and an exhaustive list of notification options FOR FREE!

BePro Listings also supports various media, membership options, community engagement and everything else you need to run a useful directory website. This page outlines the various ways you can extend the free BePro Listings plugin.

BUNDLES (Get a discount on products and themes)

For those interested in getting a discount for buying in bulk, we have not left you out. Our bundles come with, credits, themes, addons, and site licenses. If you are looking for a Premium Theme, we recommend the Silver package. Each have their perks depending on your need and expertise. Checkout the options below:

THEMES ( Directory / Classifieds / Portfolio )

We have created wordpress themes for $1 USD to showcase exactly how to use BePro Listings. Selections include WordPress Directory, WordPress Classifieds and WordPress portfolio. All of our themes are responsive (mobile ready) with all of the typical features you expect in Premium Themes. Stay tuned for upcoming media focused options like wordpress video theme and niche focused like wordpress hotel theme

ADD ONS ( Plugins that extend your Directory)

Our addons build on the existing BePro Listings infrastructure, which has several wordpress hooks and filters integrated. Some addon plugins are fairly complex delivering new features like, sliders, document management, and more. Some add-ons are a lot simpler, adding to the existing features, like more search options and more information details. If you don’t see the exact addon features you need, you can easily have any developer create it for you, or let us provide a quote.

Media Add Ons

Niche Market Add Ons

Social Add Ons

Interaction Add Ons

Management Add Ons

Membership Add Ons

Other Integrations

SUPPORT (Let our team of experts assist)

If you are new to the wordpress cms, or simply prefer to sit back and have someone else do the techy stuff, allow us to help you. We have various tutorials and options which can help to introduce you slowly to the platform or have us set it up quickly. WordPress is the #1 used cms platform online today. It has a plethora of information available through many mediums including, google, youtube, and We also offer help in various ways including:

  • $1 wordpress themes - Several themes that are BePro Listings ready.
  • Documentation – There is a dedicated document section for this plugin and its addons
  • Custom screen casts - Have us create a custom step by step tutorial. It can be about any wordpress or BePro Listings related feature/process.
  • Product Support - Do you have the time to set this all up? Let us do it for you.
  • Forums – For those technically inclined, or simply have a question, reach out in our BePro Listings Forum
  • Social Media - Were are on twitter. Follow us today and let us know your concerns @BeProSoftware
  • Credits – Use credits towards purchasing, support, themes, and addons. Credits are included in all bundle sales and you can use them towards purchasing many services. These include having us setup your website and / or consulting with us regarding your goals.
  • Custom Development – We offer various tiers of custom wordpress and php development.

Popular Uses

  • Paid Listings - Charge users per category or per listing. Or for membership levels, use either our s2member or Paid membership pro addons.
  • Directory - Employee / Staff, Business, Job Search, Fleet Tracking, Job Board, or any other type of listings site
  • Classifieds - Run multiple different directories simultaneously like the popular classifieds websites
  • Store Finder – List your stores including, location and contact details. Great solution as a wordpress store locator plugin
  • Real Estate - Perfect way to showcase, buildings, apartments, hotels, and other locations
  • Vehicles - Manage your cars, boats, planes and other automobiles with our addons
  • Events & Bookings – Use our bookings addon to list events geographically
  • Product Listings - List them yourself or allow your members to list products and/or services
  • Informational – Tourism, points of interest, and other details best shown via map
  • User Contributions – Allow front end submission of listings for you to review and publish.
  • Image Directory – Artists are using the new listing features to focus the images in listing results and the galleries in the page details
  • Video Directory - Those looking to manage videos or add video features can use our addon
  • Music & Podcasts – Sites are allowing users to list and search mp3′s and other audio files
  • Document Directory - Showcase multiple file types and have them show up in listings
  • Geotag – Add location information to, documents, images, videos, etc.


BePro Listings is the most advanced directory plugin available. With its template architecture and customization options, this plugin will can accommodate for various goals.

Integrated features like google maps make the content easy to navigate for visitors. Advanced addons extend or introduce new features, with easy to customize options. If you are building a directory website, then you need BePro Listings. Here are a few highlights

  • Form Builder - Our Visual Drag and Drop interface is rare for Directory websites. The fact that submitted information is searchable, filterable, and generate pages is unique to wordpress. Create a custom form and allow your users to upload, youtube videos, entire galleries, documents and so much more
  • Galleries – BePro Listings puts user submissions into wordpress galleries which makes it easy for you to manage. Our galleries add-on adds several more features, allow you to transform the stock wordpress gallery into something much more appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Viewers and Players – Our addons come with HTML5 viewers and players. So your users can view psd and pdf files right on your website. They can also watch embedded videos or listen to uploaded music files. We are always growing the media types we support
  • Templates – The search results and their detail pages are built via templates. This makes it easy to reorganize how the information is displayed on the page. It also makes it easy for you to feature options like image only listings.


Remember, BePro Listings is developed and managed by our BePro Software Team. So you know the level of development quality and support to expect. Our developers have at least a computer science degree and have years of experience specializing in wordpress solutions.

The BePro Software team also comprises of project and business managers. This part of the team keeps our documentation and marketing message clear. They also dictate the direction of development of our products and services.

BePro Listings is part of a group of products we distribute, which are designed to be profitable and hence sustain a dedicated support team. You can rest assured that this product will continue to grow and be supported for years to come. If you are looking for a flexible, secure and stable platform, then your choice should be BePro Listings


Its finally here, a plugin which can help you to make that perfect wordpress directorywordpress classifieds or other wordpress listing site. Don’t be restricted by other plugins with limited layouts and integration options. Here you have a FREE solution which provides a strong foundation. We also have wordpress directory theme, wordpress classified theme, and others for only one US dollar. If you require more features, consider our addons. Get the free version at

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14 thoughts on “BePro Listings

  1. Johny

    I am interested in purchasing BePro Listing to use it on a buddypress installation.

    Could you please give me more information on the paid version vs free one.


    • manager

      Hi, thanks for reaching out. Advanced features are being released in the form of add-ons instead of one advanced plugin. So please feel free to go ahead and download the free version via . You can then check back here periodically for add-ons or contact us directly with your requrests

  2. Kirk

    That is really fascinating, You’re an excessively skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and stay up for in quest of more of your great post. Additionally, I’ve shared your site in my social networks

    • manager

      thanks for the support

  3. Franco

    Is there a way to categorize listings and have them on separate pages?

    • Short answer, currently now. However, we have noticed the obvious need for features like this. We are rapidly developing add-on’s to address more needs. If you prefer not to wait and need help today, check out our services page to see how can assist.

  4. Ron Clarin

    When the is next release of this plugin? Is category feature included? Hope you have ideas page so that we could help you giving ideas. Must needed plugin!

    • Currently, BePro Listings version 1.2.1 is available. Our focus is currently on creating a more robust foundation and eliminating any errors. Enhancements to the features, like the category feature you have shown interest in, would be rolled out as Add-ons. You can anticipate starting to see them roll out in November.

      Thanks also for the suggestion on an ideas page. For now, we have added the feedback tab to every page. We encourage you and all visitors to continue sharing your feedback. Your participation is very important to us and plays a BIG role in our decision making

  5. Mahmud

    Is there way to categorize listings based on geographic locations or custom fields? For example only showing listings with Saudi Arabia locations in one page and showing listings from dubai in another.

    • This feature is being planned and tested. It is not currently released. The idea is that you can setup queries with custom urls. So you would set, the location and search term, then the program would generate a url to use. You can see a sample of it working in the “QUICK LINKS” section of this page

      So in short, if you need the feature today, we can only help you with development services. Otherwise, stay tuned to future versions where this feature will eventually be released as core “FREE” functionality.

      • Mahmud

        Wow that sounds awesome!! Any idea when this might be released? Very excited to try it out!

        • Its available today. Pick up your copy for free! on

  6. Sharon

    I would like to add a Geolocation search to my Directory. I already have custom pages and fields set up with Types and Views – and can search my custom pages.

    I just need to add the Geo fields to the custom page types and add a location search (eg show all listings within 50 km of New York).

    Is that possible with your plugin.

    What status is this plugin – you sometimes refer to a premuium version but I don’t see one.

    • Unfortunately, our custom posts are integrated into the plugin. There is not currently a way to use the BePro Listings Search feature for custom posts created by other plugins. Is this a feature we should include?

      The version of the plugin on wordpress is the latest and only version of the plugin. Advanced features will be created in the form of Add-ons which are currently under development and testing.

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