BePro listings has its own admin menu which allow you to control the plugin and how it interacts with your website and theme. You should configure these options to suit your setup after installation. For those interested in Video Tutorials, we also offer several admin focused options in our Members only section

In the admin, you have various options to choose from. These include:

  • General – We based bepro listings on the foundation of, cost, contact, and geography. Here you turn on or turn off these features
  • Forms – Upload forms have various options like settings like whether or not to validate or what message is shown to the user
  • Search/Listings – Search and listings feature work together. Here you can set how many listings will show up, default search distance, and other important settings
  • Page/Post – The listings all have their own wordpress page. You have various options here for tweaking what happens on that page
  • Map – Configure how the built in google map features work.
  • 3rd Party – We integrate with buddypress (social plugin). We also hope to list other major free integration’s under this tab going forward
  • Payments – Once BePro Cart is installed, various options will be available to facilitate payment for submissions to your directory
  • Support – If you need help or links to various BePro Listings related documentation, this is where it is

As you can see, our admin area offers various ways of customizing how BePro Listings works. You should definitely spend some time here before you let customers see your setup.


For those managing their setup solely from the admin, you will notice that you can simply attach media to listings using the wordpress media tools. Our plugins will recognize the attached media and use them in the listings. If you would like to remove this association, you will have to detach the media. This is a feature easily done on the front end from your buddypress profile.

To remove image associations in the admin, we have placed an image management feature in the right sidebar. This allows you to easily add or delete images attached to your listing. With our paid gallery addon, you can also rearrange the order of the images.


This is a perfect place to mention our add-ons menu. It is similar to our BePro Listings admin page. If an addon has settings available, you will be able to add it here. The major difference so far between this new area and the main plugin’s admin page, is that the addons page is ajaxified. So the process of saving individual addon info is easy. We hope to expand ajax throughout the entire system in upcoming releases.


The listings have their own section in the admin. This section looks like your post management area. This is because BePro Listings uses wordpress custom posts. This facilitates all of the features you are used to with the typical post management process

You may also notice extra fields on the edit page and extra columns on the view page. This is because BePro Listings has a lot more information to showcase than a typical post.


BePro Listings is fully integrated into the wordpress. This means several options to choose from in terms of how BePro Listings and its addon’s work. This is the best place to start after installing the plugin

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