BePro Listings is the most powerful wordpress classifieds plugin available. With FREE, paypal payments, unlimited notifications, and front end submission / management, you will not find a better solution anywhere. BePro Listings has lots of documentation, videos, support forums and demos to help you get started.

 BePro Listings is 100% FREE! to download. Charge users, provide free listings or manage content yourself.

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BePro Listings comes equipped with a wide array of configurable features. After installing the plugin, you can expect to see a long list of features. The following is a small subset related to what most users expect from a Classified website experience

  • Users can manage their own ads from a standalone profile or buddypress integration
  • Make Money and Charge users per category or per post with Paypal payments
  • Unlimited email notifications and recipients
  • Multisite compatibility
  • Users can upload complete image galleries
  • Expiration time for listings
  • Google maps integration
  • Ajax search and filter
  • CSV Upload
  • User Comments


When you are ready to extend the base features, we offer you a plethora of addons to fulfill all of your needs. BePro Listings utilizes a very advanced template architecture. This allows us to provide features you cannot find anywhere else, like our Visual Drag and Drop Form builder addon. A subset of our available Addons include:

Every classifieds website is different. We provide lots of ways to customize your Classifieds Directory experience. Its up to you to figure out which features make the most sense for your customer base. Once installed, the plugins are designed to work together, so you can expect a cohesive experience.


BePro Listings is the best Classifieds plugin available for wordpress. It comes with a wide array of FREE features including, paypal payments, unlimited email notifications, front end upload, google maps and so much more. You configure the features that make the most sense for your users. When you are ready to extend these base free features, you provide you with meaningful ways to do so.

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