If you are creating a real estate, vehicles, classifieds, or other directory website, we have a great solution for you. BePro Listings is a wordpress plugin which will help you to build any type of directory. For free it provides, google maps, ajax search filter, paypal payment and a wide variety of configurable email notifications.


For some reading, this will be obvious. For those new to creating a website, wordpress is the most popular CMS (content management system) online by far. It provides a medium for managing users and content. Plugins are “applications” which extend the core features of wordpress. There are literally thousands of free wordpress plugins available and BePro Listings is the best one for creating directory websites.

HOW DOES BePro Listings WORK?

BePro Lisitngs is by far the most advanced directory builder software available for any platform. Its template architecture means that it can focus information on any directory niche you are interested in. Most importantly, BePro listings comes with various free features which are used in most directory websites like

  • Payments (Requires BePro Cart which is free)
  • Email Notifications (Requires BePro Email which is free)
  • Google Maps
  • Ajax Search Filter
  • Categories
  • Front end form submission
  • Various result layouts

In short, we provide you with everything you need to create most directory websites for free. When you are setup and happy with the platform, we provide multiple paid and free ways for you to extend the functionality for your niche needs. Features like payment and emails are free. Features like our Drag and Drop form builder or advanced search features are not.


This architecture also makes it possible for us to provide an assortment of paid addon features. We have an addon available for most niche needs. A small subset of the features you can purchase are outlined below

  • Form Builder – Use the drag and drop interface to create unlimited front end upload forms. You can separating listing by “form id” or “category id’s”, facilitating multiple directories on one domain
  • Realestate – Add realestate directory related information to listings & the ability to search/filter by realestate details
  • Vehicles – Lists cars, boats, trucks, planes, and other automobiles with their details
  • Gallery – Three 3 gallery options including slider & lightbox, plus three new listings templates
  • Video – Improve on the Gallery plugin with the ability to upload file types like (mp4, mpeg, avi, wmv, webm). Also link videos from sites like, youtube, vimeo, & dailymotion. Uploaded videos are played using HTML5 or fallback to flassh
  • Documents – Allow users to add and manage document listings on your website from the front end (zip, doc, pdf, odt, csv, etc)
  • Icons – Tons of google map markers/icons from the “Map Icons Collection” by Nicolas Mollet and also allows other addons to place icons on listings, video, documents, etc
  • Audio – List your podcasts and music on wordpress with this addon. We support several file types including wav, wma, mp3 and m4a. Uploaded audio is played using HTML5 or fallback to flash
  • Favorites – Engage your visitors! Record theirs likes and dislikes to figure out the most popular listings.
  • Authors – Publicize your authors and give their listings more visibility.
  • Booking – Setup your availability and allow users to schedule time. Perfect for real estate, vehicle, hotel, and other niche sites
  • Business Directory – Use our business and staff focused listing templates with alphabetic filter. Typical phone book type layout.
  • Reviews – Users can leave and search by star ratings
  • Search – Add predictive google maps address lookup and auto complete enhancements to the basic search feature
  • reCAPTCHA – Prevent spam and malicious submissions with this google reCAPTCHA system


If you are building a directory website, then you should try our free BePro Listings plugin. Built on the wordpress CMS, this flexible solution offers everything you would need for your project. With free and paid addons, its able to extend its features to facilitate your specific niche needs. What are you waiting for, download the free plugin today.

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