For many, when creating a business, real estate, vehicles, classifieds or other directory website, monetization is a major factor. If you are included in this group of enterprising indeviduals, then keep reading because we have a great solution for you.

BePro Listings is the most powerful directory builder solution available for the wordpress cms. This product allows you to, accept payments, search & filter listings, show results via google maps and so much more. In addition, you can allow users to claim their listings with our Directory Claims addon


The process of monetizing a directory or classifieds website is simple, you charge customers to post. Now as simple as that may be to say, it can often times be very difficult in reality. In the overcrowded and competitive landscape of the internet today, why would someone A) find your website and B) spend any money on it?

Well to answer these tough questions, many people have come up with an interesting solution. Why not show these perspective customers, exactly how economical and useful your directory service is? To do that, you would simply create a page on your directory, giving free publicity to this perspective customer. The hope in the end would be that a percentage of these customers, will find your page while google-ing themselves.

Ok, so you have solved the first question, how would someone find you. Funny enough, this provides a great opportunity to realistically solve the second question, why they would pay. The fact that a company finds you, when searching for themselves, often times prompts that company to pay for control of the information. Assuming you have created an attractive website and reasonable rates for your market, you can anticipate a high percentage of conversions.


With BePro Listings and its Claim addon, this whole concept is possible. Creating a directory is easy via the powerful BePro Listings foundation. With its configurable architecture, you decide how users navigate your website. You just need to identify a lucrative market to create a directory and listings.

The claim addon, adds a button to the details page of each listing. Once clicked, that button opens up a lightbox showcasing a form. The contents of that form depend on if the user is, logged in, has an account or needs to create an account. Once the form is filled out, you are notified and the request stays in the admin area for you to manage later.

When ready, login and view all applications via the admin panel. Accepting an application, allows that user to control the listing. It also sets the listing to pending. If you have configured BePro Listings and BePro Cart to accept payments, users must pay before their listing will be live again.


There are various ways to make money from a directory website. It costs money to run one when you consider the costs to put anything online. Assuming you do not have outside funding, you are probably looking for ways to get your classifieds website profitable. Our BePro Listings plugin already allows you to make money for FREE when used with BePro Cart. If you would like to take this to the next level, then consider our Directory Listings Claims addon. This is a great way to turn potential customers into paying customers

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