There is no such thing as a perfect plugin, cms, or piece of software. This is why there are revisions and upgrades  for every piece of successful software available. In fact, click here to view the “Changelog” for BePro Listings which shows how often and what’s being fixed with each upgrade. BePro Listings is no different.


Via the wp admin, you will find a dashboard showing the status of your installation. You can find this dashboard on the menu BePro Listings->BPL Status. This should be the first place you visit when trying to diagnose issues with your installation

This pages shows information regarding various aspects of your setup including, BePro Listings, PHP and your Web Server. On the left you will see the features and on the right we list the status or value. When a status is shown, it should say “OK”. If it says “Error” in red, then you know where to begin troubleshooting. This article explain what the various status’ and values mean


  • Listing Not Showing – Confirm the status of the listing is “Published”, The default admin setting for BePro Listings is to set all submissions to “Pending” which allows you to verify them before publishing
  • 404 Error – If Listing pages produce a 404 error, try resetting your permalink settings in the admin. Simply re-save your current settings, so that they are reset for all urls. The option is under your settings menu.
  • Google Maps – If google map controls look weird, this is a css style related issue (your theme). Specifically, its the addition of max-width declarations to images. For details, you can google the issue (google maps max-width). Lots of bootstrap themes use this css declaration.
  • Google Maps API – Since june 2016, google requires that all users utilize an api key. If you are seeing a grey message, its possible that either you are not using a key or the key is not correctly configured for your website.
  • Lat / Lon – When these are not being retrieved, confirm that you have the “Use google map api” option selected and consider switching the “Query Type” via the BePro Listings->Options page and the Map tab
  • Gallery images – If images are not showing up on your details page, its because they are not attached to the listing. This is a popular wordpress issue, where its difficult to attach one photo to multiple listings. Luckily, there are free addons to help you manage this. We have outlined everything in our article bepro listings media management.
  • Displaced Sidebar – When the detail page of a listing looks broken, that’s because you need to create a template file for it. You can test using ajax paging or one of our $1 directory themes. However, at some point you will need to either create the template yourself or someone from our BePro Software Team to create one for you.
  • Details not saving – In this case BePro Listings was not installed correctly. This could be for any number of reasons including a conflict with other plugins or themes. Deactivate all plugins not created by our team, delete BePro Listings 100% and reinstall


We have developed several themes which always run on the latest version of BePro Listings. Your first place for investigating issues, should be to verify that the issue is present on any of them. Here are a few of them

If the issue is not present in our demos, then there is a good chance that there is a conflict somewhere. Help us to help you by following these steps to confirm the conflict by checking the issue after each of the following steps

  1. Deactivate all plugins that are not created by the BePro Software Team
  2. Switch your theme back to one of the stock wordpress options (twentyfourteen, twentyfifteen, etc)
  3. Delete BePro Listings completely and re-install it

The stability of BePro Listings is very important to us. If after following these steps, its still not working, then contact us and let us know that you tried these steps.


Listings not showing up on the map can be for a host of reasons. Troubleshooting steps would include

  • Confirm addresses work in
  • Confirm that a lat/lon is being generated for each submission
  • If a lat/lon isn’t being generated, then consider changing the “Query Type” option on Map tab in the WP admin (BePro Listings->Options). Also confirm “Use Google Map Api” is selected
  • If lat/lon still isn’t being generated, deactivate all plugins and themes not created by the BePro Software Team
  • If a lat/lon is being generated then you should confirm the post is set to “Published”
  • If the post isn’t set to published, you should consider changing the “Default Status” option on the Forms tab in the WP Admin (BePro Listings->Options)

If none of the solutions above work and you are on shared hosting server, then you have probably exceeded the google map api 2500 a day request limit. Shared hosted servers can have hundreds of users sharing the same IP address. As you can imagine, this type of setup will quickly exceed request limits. Your only options are to A) Pay google or B) Upgrade your server hosting. We recommend (B)


  • Forums – Register on and ask questions in our forums. There we offer assistance during setup and appreciate and feedback you have regarding the product.
  • Social Media – Were are on twitter. Follow us today and let us know your concerns @BeProSoftware
  • Paid Support – We offer various levels and types of paid support services

If you are curios about how we deal with issues, you can read our article on the Release Process. Each release is tested and we try to catch all issues before we release versions. To see what is release in each versions, view our Changelog


BePro Listings is constantly evolving. We appreciate your support and patience as we make the plugin better. If you notice an issue, please let us know via our BePro Listings forums. Our goal is to create the best listings toolset plugin for wordpress and you can help.

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