The usefulness of BePro Listings beyond english, is very important to us. BePro Listings is designed to be fully translated into any language of your choice. This is facilitated by packaged language files. Depending on your wordpress configuration, the plugin will select the corresponding language file. This post covers the aspects of wordpress and BePro Listings that need to be considered in order to feature your preferred translation.


WordPress controls the active language via your config.php file. Alter that “WPLANG” setting to reflect your language and geography. The code has both a country and language aspect. Details about what to look for and how to do it are outlined in the following wordpress documentation


Once you have selected the language to use, if BePro Listings supports that language, it will automatically reflect content in that language.


The process of creating a language file is simple. Start by editing the “.pot” file which is packaged with the plugin:

This link is an online copy of a bepro listings language file. If you have downloaded and/or installed BePro Listings, you have a copy. Open the file with the FREE poedit software or any other program you have which reads/creates “.po” and “.mo” files.

Once you open the file, scroll to the bottom where you will find instructions regarding the creation of your own language file from this .pot template. When done, your new file name should reflect your language and country. Refer to the following links for country codes and language codes. An example of the language format for spanish from spain would be “bepro-listings-es_ES.php”



The usefulness of BePro Listings beyond english, is very important to us. If you find deficiencies in our use of localization, please reach out

WordPress supports multiple languages. However, we are still growing our support. With your help, we can add your language to the list we support. You can assist us in many ways, which starts with joining our website.

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  1. arniarni


    I translated .po file by my language but this file consist only of the names of parameters and have not other items for translation such as menu, tabs, names of columns and butoons text.
    How can I translate rest part of plugin?


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