With BePro Listings, you are able to offer your customers various ways to interact with your website. We specialize in outreach solutions. This article talks about the various addons you can use to create a wordpress review directory

Feedback & Voting Options

There are several reasons to consider communicating with your customers. In the case of real estate or vehicle listings, you know exactly what a customer is interested in. Its also a great way to build useful content and information for other visitors. We offer the following plugins which facilitate user feedback

You can use any or all of these addons together with the BePro Listings plugin. They each come with their own configuration options and work in different ways


If you want to setup a directory, classifieds, or other listings related website and need feedback from users, we have a few options for you. Our BePro Listings plugin provides a great listings platform. Our addons extend this functionality with great customer communication options.

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