Our BePro Listings Business Directory addon is a great solution for listing Businesses or staff on a wordpress website. It features lots of listing layouts and even a new way to search/filter. Remember, since this is build on BePro Listings, you can use all of the shortcodes and features provided by that plugin like, google maps, ajax search/filter, etc.


We assembled 6 listings layouts which are targeted at the typical office style layout. So users who simply want to showcase their company, could do so in a professional and standard way.

In many of the listing style options, we offer an Alphabetical guide for easy scanning. We also added a new shortcode which adds an alphabetic search feature, speeding up the sometimes frustrating search process.


You will be using the BePro Listings display_listings shortcode. Its a smart idea to review our shortcode documentation. Its important to order the information the right way, for the type of data you are showing.

For example, you want to order your information by Last Name, if you are showcasing staff related information. However, if you are focusing on business locations, you would want to order by the post title.


When it comes to setting up any Business or Staff directory on WordPress, BePro Listings is the obvious choice. WIth this Business Directory addon, you have listing designs specifically catered to the profession showcase of your company. You also have the power of BePro Listings for easy expansion of features.

Date: WordPress Business Directory was last modified: May 7th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com

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