BePro Listings is the Ultimate listings solution for wordpress. The template system and tons of addons (which communicate with each other), make combining features very easy.

Because of this, customers have been dreaming up combinations our team never imagined. This post is dedicated to those ideas and encouraging others to share the mash-ups they have created on their own.


The listings and their individual pages are all generated by templates. These templates are all dynamic. We wont bore you with the technical jargon; However, lets say that you can add “N” number of elements to a page and each element can trigger “N” events. For the layman, this means there is no layout or feature that BePro Listings cannot replicate.

Each element is defined by your template. Each element is populated by at least one function. These functions usually expose the elements to manipulation by other linked functions. Again, for the layman, this means that we can showcase any information and have it look like any design


At the time of writing this, BePro listings has released 14 addons. We are constantly developing new ones. The important aspect about this is that the addons are designed to work together. This is unique compared to other plugins where their addons are usually independent.

So with BePro Listings, you get situations like the our Videos Addon working with our Galleries addon. You get things like the Reviews addon working with the Icons addon. Yeah, while writing this, i guess we really should have anticipated that if they all communicate, customers would want their own combinations


We create custom addons for customers daily. Made to order like your favorite combination plate at the local chinese food restaurant. These custom addons simply spider into the already existing communication network. This allows a new addon to establish a dialog with already existing addons. At this point, you are either smiling or in disbelief, either way, the base plugin is 100% FREE

Since there is no layout or content that BePro Listings cannot replicate, we have been getting interesting combination requests. Here are a few, my apologies if this starts to look like casino slots

  • Audio focused Review with video – Audio plugin + review plugin + custom layout + galleries plugin
  • Food Truck Community & Reviews – Custom fields + Custom Search + Custom layout + galleries plugin
  • Book Reviews – Custom Fields + Videos plugin + Documents plugin + Galleries plugin
  • Artist Gallery – Galleries plugin + Custom Fields + Reviews plugin


And the list goes on and on and on. We will try to find a better way of relaying this type of information. Hopefully, this sparks some creativity in you and you will come up with your own unique combination. As you can see from the examples above, customers are already building their own unique listings sites, you should too.

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