Since BePro Listings Form Builder version 1.0.398, you can select a page template for each form. This page template refers to the details page for listings. So your business directory listings can look completely different to your real estate listings.


Each listing has its own page, accessible by a unique url. With BePro Listings, all listings look the same. You can customize a few aspects of the page layout, but those changes are the same for all captured listings

With the Form Builder, if you have installed other page templates, the Form Builder can select between them. This way, you can have a page designed specifically for one type of listing and a completely different design for another type of listing. This is a huge plus when trying to convince customers of the relevancy of your information


We hope to eventually focus on releasing several template layouts. Currently you will have to create your own or have our team create one for you

Once installed, you can select between the Page Template options via the Form Details tab while editing any Form. Any listing that has been captured by that form, will then use the template you have selected


Finally, the details page for listings are now dynamic. Have listings captured by your real estate form, actually look like a real estate page. Then have listings captured by your staff form, look like a staff page.

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