Widgets are features which you can add to your wordpress sidebars. BePro Listings comes pre packaged with a few widgets. Understanding how to use these widgets can provide lots of extra flexibility for your layout


  • Dynamic Map – Setup map to show last X listings on your site
  • Filter Search – Allow users to do a more in depth search including, cost, date, etc
  • Recent Listings – Show up to the last 5 listings with their featured image


Widgets are added to your wordpress sidebar via the admin menu Appearance -> Widgets. Once you add a widget to your sidebar, depending on the widget, you will have options to configure. An example of this would be how many of something to show in the sidebar

Some of our widgets will work with shortcodes if they are on the same page. A good example of this is our search filter widget. For example, if ajax is turned on, the search filter will react to and communicate with, other elements on the page.


Some BePro Listings addons will also have widgets. A good example of this is BePro Listings Favorites. For that addon, there is a widget for the most popular listings. If widgets are available for a particular addon, it will say so on that addon’s page


BePro Listings provides various options for making your listings site unique. One of these options is called widgets. The plugin comes stock with several free and useful widgets. Learn how to use them to make maximum use of BePro Listings


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