BePro Cart provides payment features to our BePro Software products. Setup is easy and straight forward. This article will walk you through the installation steps, so that you can accept payments. In short, its a simple process with only a few steps.


The shopping cart can be implemented via the easy to configure widget or you can use the shortcode [ show_bepro_cart ] . We recommend creating a paged named “checkout” and placing the shortcode on that page (without the spaces). Once thats setup, add that information to the options page in the admin. Tell the plugin the exact url of the checkout page

Whichever solution you utilize, the shopping cart will keep track of the products which are added to the cart. This includes item name, item number, cost and other important information. Once the user clicks the “Add To Cart” button, they will be redirected to the shopping cart to complete the purchase.


In the admin, you are presented with the typical ecommerce questions. You will need to create a checkout page and enter that info on this settings page. You will also need to enter your, currency type, currency sign, shipping costs and other important information. These are required before the plugin will begin to work.

You are also required to configure the paypal payment option if you intend to use it. If you have a business account with paypal, you can configure it to accept payments from your website. Once that’s setup in paypal, then simply enter your paypal email address under the paypal options tab. Below are the steps necessary before the plugin will work with PayPal

User Actions to ensure they are well set-up with PayPal

  1. Login to their sandbox account :
  2. Under Profile menu they need to search for “Hosted payment settings” in “Website payments preferences” and change below settings:
    a. Auto Return : On
    b. Return URL : http:// thank-you page
    c. Payment Data Transfer : On
    d. Collect Identity Token like “EVKOvCoJ5–f-NRruS2583XcLpCAtHi0a4KCWIznN_TO0N18dx_8OX888”
  3. Click Save Button

WordPress Admin Actions

  1. Login to WP-admin panel and go to BePro Cart Options
  2. Fill Below Details
    a. Return URL : http:///beprocart/thank-you
    b. PayPal Email Address : [email protected]
    c. PayPal Identity Token : EVKOvCoJ5–f-NRruS2583XcLpCAtHi0a4KCWIznN_TO0N18dx_8OX888

Once above step’s are complete, our plugin is completely linked with PayPal to pass payment information, user details & status.


Applications integrate into BePro Cart on their own. They simply send the user to the cart to complete the order. BePro Cart then notifies the application if the payment was successfully received.

To do this, the application will present the user with a payment button. The text and other characteristics of that button are available for configuration in the admin under the options menu. We recommend that you take the time to setup these options.


This is an easy way to accept payments for various products offered by BePro Software. Configure a few settings, create a page for your shopping cart and you are ready to begin accepting payments. With BePro Cart, its fairly easy to create passive income for free.

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