For those who would prefer an alternative to the stock PayPal option offered by BePro Cart, we offer a Stripe payment addon. This option allows you to process credit cards directly on your website and is quickly gaining popularity


Stripe provides benefits targeted to users in Canada and the United States which includes

  • Multiple currency options
  • Ability to setup on unlimited websites
  • Secure payments via SSL
  • Submitted credentials are sent to for processing and storage while the user waits on your website
  • As with the default BePro Cart option, payment details are stored
  • Users will never know they are using Stripe. They¬†simply enter the credit card info, the solution is “white labelled”

Some studies insist that keeping a user on your website reduces cart abandonment rates. Most users have also become accustomed to filling in payment details on the website where they are purchasing products. Stripe is a great solution for implementing an on site payment solution


First you will need to register and setup your stripe account on Once that’s setup you will need to generate public and private keys. A pair of keys are created for testing and a pair for live translations. You must place the selected key pair into the Stripe gateway options before the payment feature will be available to your customers

Once setup, users can checkout via the stripe payment option. When the user selects Stripe, they will be presented with a payment form in a pop up window. If their payment is successful, they are redirected to the “Thank You” page which you setup in BePro Cart


BePro Cart is a great option for processing payments for plugins which support it. This Stripe addon extends the base features, facilitating an alternative payment gateway for customers. Not all users want to or can use paypal and Stripe provides a great alternative option

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