We encourage others to integrate their projects and plugins with BePro Cart. We make it really easy to send the user to BePro Cart for collection of payment for whatever product or service you have setup. The software will then update your application when a successful payment is received. This is an easy and FREE way to add payment solutions to your next wordpress project


In the simplest term, you need to generate a php $_POST with the “addcart” variable set. The most typical way of doing this is via a html form. The easiest way to do this is by implementing our “Add to Cart” shortcode. With its simple options outlined in our BePro Cart shortcodes documentation, you can let BePro Cart figure out the form fields

You would manage the product details on your end. Simply send the item name, cost and hopefully the item number (aka ID). That way, when the order is done, you know exactly what the payment is actually for.


As you would expect, we offer a wordpress hook that’s fired for each item in the successful purchase details. The name of the action hook is “bepro_cart_item_payment_complete”. Its function looks like this

do_action("bepro_cart_item_payment_complete", $current_item, $custom_values['bepro_cart_id'])

Note that you are sent the item returned form the payment processor. You are also provided with the id of the record stored in BePro Cart in case you need to reference it later. The information contained in the $current_item is outlined below

 $current_item = array(
                    'item_number' => $item_number,
                    'item_name' => $item_name,
                    'quantity' => $quantity,
                    'mc_gross' => $mc_gross,
                    'mc_currency' => $mc_currency,


Hopefully at this point you are excited at the prospects of easily integrating payment features into your next custom wordpress solution. Its as easy as calling a shortcode and hooking into the wordpress action. We encourage you to take advantage of this easy and 100% FREE Shopping Cart solution

Date: BePro Cart for Developers was last modified: October 17th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com