When evaluating BePro Cart, its important to note that this is not a standalone ecommerce solution. The sole goal of this plugin, is to act as a shopping cart and payment solution. Plugins which interface with BePro Cart, define their own products


This product comes with a set of features ideal for confirming the cost of goods and completing the payment process. Here is a short list of features you can expect to see in this product

  • Admin are to view all past sales
  • Shopping cart shortcode and widget, so you can show the cart contents to customers
  • Add to cart button which can be deployed via a shortcode
  • Paypal Express Checkout


As you can see, the features of this plugin are very focused and will continue to be. The goal of this type of solution is to fix the issue of multiple plugins having their own checkout option. Instead, BePro Cart allows any plugin to interface with its features. We have committed all of our products to using this solution for their payment features. Plugin makers are invited to take advantage of this free solution also.

There are great ecommerce solutions out there and you should check them out. However, we found that many websites today utilize ecommerce as a part of their website. Obviously, this creates an issue when other features are introduced, that are not related to the ecommerce solution (e.g. membership). These plugins in the past have been forced to integrate with ecommerce plugins when that’s not their focus. BePro Cart fixes all of this with a white labelled shopping cart solution.


All BePro Software products which offer payment features will require BePro Cart. The will clearly identify if they offer payment features. If they do, there is usually some configuration needed, so that the plugin can take advantage of the BePro Cart features.

Also, we invite other plugin makers to download this solution and integrate their plugins with it. Together we can end the unrealistic issue of duplicate checkout features. This allows you to focus on core plugin features.


We are happy to provide payment features for our BePro Software products. BePro Cart is a great step in the right direction. You can anticipate various addons and extra features in the coming weeks, focused on the shopping cart experience. We invite you to download this free product and begin getting paid today!

Date: BePro Cart Features was last modified: October 17th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com