Much like our listing templates, BePro Listings page details are generated dynamically also. This allows you to add, remove, or replace and feature on the details page, on your own. More importantly, your changes will survive updates.


The template file itself contains wordpress hooks. You can tie your functions to any of these hooks. Take a look at them here in bepro-listings/templates/content-single-listing.php.

echo "</pre>
do_action( 'bepro_listings_item_title' );
echo "</h1>
do_action( 'bepro_listings_item_above_gallery' );
do_action( 'bepro_listings_item_gallery');
do_action( 'bepro_listings_item_after_gallery');
do_action( 'bepro_listings_item_before_details');
do_action( 'bepro_listings_item_details');
do_action( 'bepro_listings_item_after_details');

Thats it, nothing spectacular there. Its a file with a bunch of wordpress hooks. That makes it super easy to make this page into whatever you want it to be.


All you need to do is tell us which one of your functions, you want tied into those hooks. Here are the ones we dynamically assign with every page load

$data = get_option("bepro_listings");
$data['bepro_listings_item_title_template'] = 'bepro_listings_item_title';
 $data['bepro_listings_item_gallery_template'] = "bepro_listings_item_gallery";
 $data['bepro_listings_item_after_gallery_template'] = "bepro_listings_item_after_gallery";
 $data['bepro_listings_item_details_template'] = 'bepro_listings_item_details';
 $data['bepro_listings_item_content_template'] = 'bepro_listings_item_content_info';
update_option("bepro_listings", $data);

So as an example, the hook “bepro_listings_item_title_template” calls our function, “bepro_listings_item_title”. You guessed it, in that function, we display the title. Replace it with your own functions


Customizing BePro Lisitngs page details, while retaining the opportunity to upgrade is very possible. Its also fairly easy. Tell us which functions you would prefer to be called, for the wordpress hooks in the template file. This is a job for a novice wordpress developer.

Date: Custom Page Template was last modified: March 25th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at

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