Our Form Builder addon will allow you to customize the BePro Listings front end form via the Drag and Drop interface. You can capture the information your Directory needs via 18 form fields including, categories, files uploads, and the other typical fields. Since each form generates its own listing type and there are unlimited forms, you can run multiple listing types simultaneously on one website .


On activation, the stock form will still be visible on the front end in your buddypress profile or via the shortcode profile. However, it will be built and rendered by the Form Builder. You can begin editing the form via the new admin menu BePro listings->FormBuilder. There you can manage all of the forms, simply hover over the field, to showcase the edit and delete buttons.

While editing a form, you will notice that the page is split into two areas, field selections on the left with the live demo on the right. Drag and drop new buttons from your selections, into the live form demo in the right pane. Delete form fields that you no longer need or rearrange them. When you click on the demo form fields, the options for that field, replace the selections in the left pane. Once you click “add fields” the selections reappear.

Make sure to enter a unique name under the form tab, while editing the forms. This will help you to tell the forms apart, especially when assigning an old listing to a form. The thing to note here, is that when the From Builder is installed, none of your old listings will be linked to its forms. You will have one opportunity to make this link, while editing each old listing. The form names will appear in a select/drop box. Once the listing is saved, it is linked to the form you selected and the select box is replaced with the form fields.


We also feature form fields that are useful for communicating with the user like headings, paragraph and page separators. You are provided with the freedom to configure various options like the field name and validations. Some fields come with their own valdiations or special features like the number and the date fields. This is a very flexible Form Builder with everything needs to create a truly custom front end form.

Some fields are controlled by BePro Listings admin configuration like, categories, item name and files. These fields can only be used once and are disabled after their first use. These fields have no configuration options on the form builder.

Addons introduce new buttons. These buttons will package several fields together. They may or may not have options associated with them. For example, the BePro Listings Vehicles addon is compatible with this plugin and provides several configurable form fields. The values for these fields will show up on the details page, in the order they were setup in the form. This is a great way to change the language and priority for these addon fields, on both the front end form and details page

You also have access to the typical form fields like select, input, radio, and checkboxes. They all offer validation and other configuration options. Combine them as necessary to capture the information you need for your directory.


This addon integrates with various features. Its important to understand how this will change what you see and how you interact with the plugin. Some points to note include

  • Activation – On activation, the form builder will immediately replace the current default front end form. The change will not be noticeable to visitors.
    • If you have made customization’s to the default form, they will not transfer to the form generated by this addon.
    • If you have addons that generate form fields, make sure they are compatible with this plugin before purchasing or installing. For example, the vehicles addon is compatible
  • Field Names – Note that some form fields have the “Field Name” option. It is very important that no 2 fields have the same “Field Name”. If they are the same, the software will change them for you
  • Reuse Fields – Item Name, Description, Categories, submit button and File uploads are disabled after the first use
  • Page separators (hr tags) – these show up as line breaks (spaces) on the detail page.
  • Some fields force validation – the number field for example will always validate as a number
  • Item Name – Any form that does not use the “Item Name” field, will not generate anything
  • Address – Address field only requires the country. You can rebuild the individual fields yourself if you prefer to control validation for each field
  • Options – Some options control field availability. So make sure Cost, Contact, and geo are selected in the BePro listings admin
  • Admin – The submissions for fields generated by the form builder, minus the fields already managed by BePro Listings, are visible while editing the listing.
  • Categories – The form will take the label you create vs the admin settings
  • Form Names – When editing a form, make sure it has a unique form name


This is a great solution for those looking to customize the user submission experience. Use headings and paragraphs to highlight useful information or ask questions. Then implement various input fields to capture the information important for your type of directory. Since this plugin integrates with all default form features, the submissions can be searched and filtered on the front end via the BePro Listings shortcodes.

Date: Front End Form Builder was last modified: October 26th, 2014 by BePro Software Team Management at BeProSoftware.com