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Custom Post type page template

In this article, we cover a typical issue with Wordpress custom post types (taxonomy). If the custom post type creates an actual page, then it will probably need its own template to fit nicely into your theme. The two videos below (Part 1 & Part 2), demonstrate how we create a template for the details page

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Fix for Cubepoints 1.2.3

Since the team that created cubepoints has abandoned it, we get lots of requests for patches and upgrades for it. Attached to this post is a patched version of the plugin that we continue to upgrade ourselves. Its available to all paying members Download Cubepoints 1.2.3 patched here  [download id=”5″]… This content is for Basic,…...

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Client Tetimonials

You may notice testimonials around our website for various products and services. We believe this is the best type of advertisement we can invest in. This page explains the origin of these testimonials and how you could benefit by submitting one also SUBMIT A TESTIMONIAL If you submit a testimonial that’s accepted, you will receive…

wordpress plugin development

If you are interested in having a custom plugin developed for your wordpress installation, consider having our team help you to plan and potentially create a solution. Our team specializes has experience development and maintaining popular plugins like: BePro Listings – Popular directory, classifieds, and general listings plugin with several themes and addons WooCube –…

WooCube Pro 1.0.6

WooCube Pro 1.0.6 takes all of the suggestions from the community and makes this plugin so much better. This version has new features for both the cubepoints users and the woocommerce users! UNDER THE HOOD The internals have changed dramatically. Instead of taking the product total as a variable from woocommerce. We are now looping through…

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