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Do directory websites still make sense as a business in 2020?

Yes, they do, depending on your monetization plan. We create and run directory websites using the BePro Listings WordPress plugin that we created. I guess there is some benefit to understanding the technical and business aspects of running a directory website. Yelp and Yellowpages are still popular brands, so directories are definitely not dead. Google…

Whats the best domain name for a directory

We own directory websites like, directory solutions like BePro Listings, and countless domain names. We live and breathe the science of building directory websites and in this article, we talk about what we have learned about website domain names. We personally own a range of TLD’s including .info, .net, and geographic domains like .ca….…...

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Monetize WP – Affiliate Advertising

This is by far one of the biggest ways to generate revenue for any WordPress website. Every post, listings, or content can potentially generate revenue for you through the affiliate model. Simply put, companies will pay you for customers that you send them which end up making a purchase. You typically get a percentage of……...

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