The BePro Software Team consists of expert WordPress developers. We create themes and plugins as well as provide expert insight into WordPress from novice to expert. Topics we cover talk about everything Wordpress including development and maintenance. Contact us on twitter @BeproSoftware

Developing WordPress Solutions in 2015

As we enter 2015, our BePro Software Team has a unique insight into the marketplace. Competition has increased as wordpress has been crowded the largest cms and one of the most popular platforms online. So the question you may ask yourself is, what does this all mean for newcomers who want to launch products of……...

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2014 BePro Software Review

The year 2014 has been positive for the BePro Software brand. Our membership has grown and as a result downloads of our products have grown. Opportunities that were never planned flourished, while some of our biggest projects flatlined. This post covers some of the more interesting milestones in the evolution of this year THE…