The BePro Software Team consists of expert WordPress developers. We create themes and plugins as well as provide expert insight into WordPress from novice to expert. Topics we cover talk about everything Wordpress including development and maintenance. Contact us on twitter @BeproSoftware

BePro Mobile for developers

BePro Mobile was created with developers in mind. With our native mobile application, you can make any wordpress plugin work on any mobile platform we support. BePro Mobile has 3 sections: Native mobile phone app WordPress plugin plugin add-ons The wordpress plugin provides all of the api hooks necessary to communicate with the mobile app.…

Learning Phonegap

We selected phonegap for development of our mobile applicaitons. Our team has had experience with Adobe Air products and through that this offering from adobe was a nice upgrade. What we quickly learn’t was how complicated and at the same time, how simple this approach could be LEARNING CURVE There is a learning curve. The……...

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WordPress post hook

Recently we had to build a wordpress plugin. The requirements were that two buttons would be assigned to every post about the featured image. Instead of hacking into the existing theme, we opted to use the wordpress action hook “the_post”to achieve our goals. The Dilemma The thing to note here, is that the theme was very custom. The……...

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