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Gutenburg – What Are Blocks?

The gutenburg wordpress page builder utilizes a concept known as blocks, for you to interact with the elements that make up your website. This video is a continuation in our Gutenburg page builder video series and focuses on this concept. We also touch on the unique scenario of a post being created before the upgrade……...

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Intro to the Gutenburg Page Builder

Since WordPress 5.0, the gutenburg page builder has been included by default. Its goal is to simplify the website building process for all WordPress users. This video tutorial series is focused on this page builder and its features. We will update the videos over time as the plugin gains new features…. This content is for…...

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Multiple Google Map Markers Overlapping

Recently we had an issue with our BePro Listings product, where a customer wanted to add listings with the same latitude and longitude. We utilize a marker cluster javascript solution on our google maps displays. However, if the markers have the same latitude and longitude, they were showcasing the clustered marker and not their details….…...

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Review : Launching a vehicle listings Online Marketplace

How BeProSoftware Helped Launch an Online Marketplace for Specialty Vehicle Listings This post comes from longtime BeProSoftware customer, Brett Lindenberg, founder of the mobile food entrepreneurship website Inside this post, you’ll learn how BeProSoftware WordPress plug-ins can be customized to meet your needs, even if you serve a super specific market like the food…

Search Listing Tags

With the recent release of BePro Listings Tags version 1.0.14, search tagged content. Since the initial release of the plugin, users could tag content from the admin or frontend. Tags were also showcased on detail pages. Our new search feature gives users a better chance of finding relevant listings on your website. TAG ADDON FEATURES…