The BePro Software Team consists of expert WordPress developers. We create themes and plugins as well as provide expert insight into WordPress from novice to expert. Topics we cover talk about everything Wordpress including development and maintenance. Contact us on twitter @BeproSoftware

wordpress catalogue plugin

Showcasing your catalog of products on wordpress is easy with the BePro Listings plugin. This easy to install solution helps you to list your product inventory with info like, images, contact, geography and cost. Choose the features that describe your product the best then allow users to search and filter through the products. This plugin…

Installing wordpress themes

Regardless of which theme your purchase or download, there are a set of steps that are almost always required. This post aims to cover the general steps involved with setting up a theme. We will walk you through the options from installation through to configuration. INSTALLING THE THEME It all starts with installing the theme……...

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WordPress Development Series

As the name suggests, this series focuses on Developers who would like to learn or extend their knowledge on wordpress. We focus on various subjects which will help you to customize wordpress installations and create your own solutions. Topics covered include the, wordpress api, plugins and themes. WHAT TO EXPECT In this series we hope…

Create plugin w/ Widget Tutorial

In this technical focused video tutorial, we talk about creating a wordpress plugin. This particular demo focuses on an example where the plugin will produce a widget. We walk you through what classes are needed and how they need to be extended to achieve our goal. Any developers creating plugins or themes should consider watching……...

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Examine css with Google dev tools

In this post created for developers, designers and other techies, we talk about how to view the css that’s targeting an html element. This is a really good tutorial for anyone who intends to do front end development. There are different tools depending on the browser you use, which can help you to view the……...

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