Its easy to use our BePro Listings plugin as a referral aka affiliate plugin. With its listing features, this is one of the best ways to list, products, inventory, hotel rooms, and other content that’s often sold via affiliate programs. Feature differ types of info including, cost, images, description, and of course and link to the 3rd party referral website.


BePro Listings has lots of configurable features and options which are packaged with the stock 100% free plugin

  • Google maps
  • Categorized information
  • Search and filter features
  • Price and Currency options
  • Multiple Listings Layout

You can customize these features in any order or design you want. This allows you to create a truly unique and feature rich listings site. List as much or as little information as needed to adequately display your affiliate products and services

Typical users of BePro Listings actually use the internal pages generated by each listing. However, for affiliate sellers, you can set the linking to only use external links. That way, a user is able to easily filter through your listings, resulting in them being forwarded to the 3rd party affiliate program.


With our features, you can quickly implement an eye catching website with all of the typical features, all dedicated to your product listings. Features you can use to enhance the base plugin include

We also offer niche addons like our BePro Listings realestate which would add realestate related filter options. With addons like these, there is virtually no type of product or service that you cannot advertise with BePro Listings. Read the BePro Listings documentation here


If you make money from referring visitors to other urls, then BePro Listings is the perfect solution for you. Out of the box, it comes with a plethora of features, ideal for any listings site. Use these features to create a truly custom affiliate website.

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