Our BePro Listings plugin is a great way to list information and make it searchable on WordPress. With this plugin you can search listing details and google map info like address, city, state, etc. You can also limit the your visitors to only searching for a particular type of information like geographic.


This plugin works off of Google Maps. So the search experience is familiar to you and your customers. The plugin will send whatever search criteria is entered and display the results to the users.

There is actually a little more magic happening on the back end. BePro Listings will take any address you enter while creating a listing, and get a latitude and longitude from it. The plugin will then use that information, along with the globes radius, your BePro Listings distance setting and mathematical formulas to return results within the area.

In addition to that, we released our BePro Listings Search addon which also matches location based on partial addresses. This increases result matches for visitors and offers you more flexibility in how you setup your listings.


Currently, our other search option allows you to search, the titles of listings. It will search partial names also which is handy when someone doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for.

There is more, with our filter option. It allows you to also search, dates, cost and even more options supplied by addons. At the time of writing this, we have 13 addons and many of them generate their own unique content and allow you to search for it.


BePro Listings is a great way to list and search content on the wordpress CMS. With this plugin, you can choose to search various types of information or specify whats searchable like geography.

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