An affiliate website features information, which eventually links you to another website. The goal of this type of website, is usually to get paid for referring users. With the BePro Listings plugin, you can do all of this and so much more. Feature information via, google maps, categories, or various listings templates. Then allow users to search and filter through your results to find the most relevant listings


Whatever you are selling, BePro listings can help you to feature the information and link the user to the right place. The base features of BePro Listings include

  • Price
  • External Website link
  • Listings Categories
  • Google Maps
  • Ajax search and filter
  • Various Listing Result Templates
  • Detail pages for each listing
  • Front end submission form

There are literally too many features to list here, when it comes to the base free features. When you are ready to expand we have over 18 addons to choose from.


Some websites want to present an exciting and engaging experience. To do this, you may need more than the basic features. We have amassed a set of extensions which we don’t believe everyone will need, but for some, they will be mandatory

With over 18 addons and counting, there is an option to fit everyone’s needs. If it doesn’t exist, ask us for a quote to build an addon just for you. Our talented team of BePro Software Developers can help you to achieve your goals


The design of your affiliate website is as important as the features to facilitate. We offer you a very flexible template setup and offer shortcodes. This foundation allows you to integrate BePro listings into your current theme. This is the ideal solution for the DIY’ers

If you prefer an easier setup, consider using one of our $1 wordpress themes. These themes come ready with BePro Listings and work like any other theme. This is a great place to start and test out the solution. That way you can be absolutely sure this is the option for you before spending anything more than one dollar


If you are creating a affiliate website, then consider using the BePro Listings plugin. This plugin provides the ability to list, price, images and other details. It also provides google maps, listing templates, and various other ways to showcase the information. In short, this plugin has everything you would need for creating and maintaining a profitable affiliates website.

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